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irenew, Jan 17, 8:41am
Please don't forget gluten intolerant customers will you? We also love slices and sweet treats and often get forgotten at cafes. Many recipes can be easily adapted to cater for us.

sophie98, Jan 17, 9:14am
Sorry my mistake its on not the Chelsea site.
Think its called Caramel Marshmallow tart not square.

motorbo, Jan 17, 7:59pm
to add to that I kno0w its not easy but generaly intolerant means if made in the same area as gluten products its okay, its coeliac`s I feel sorry for. who can cater for them

ksr, Jan 17, 8:02pm
anything with berries in it - not as sickly sweet as some other

deus701, Jan 17, 11:38pm
Thanks everyone for the ideas. I was thinking of a simple salty caramel slice with walnuts (or possibly another nuts since walnut cost a fortune!).

good point about the gluten free. there is a g/f lemon & lime slice and orange cake for them. IMHO, the ones that are pain in the ass are vgf (vegan + gluten free)

sarahb5, Jan 17, 11:42pm
Hazelnuts are good - they're cheap and I don't like walnuts!

deus701, Jan 23, 4:58am
Maybe I should choose almonds? they seem much more acceptable.

I had been looking for a caramel marshmallow tart recipe. seems like some recipes call for coconut? Is there anyone who does not like coconut on their caramel-marshmallow tart? Or is this a must have?

lindylambchops1, Jan 23, 8:37am

dibble35, Jan 23, 9:23am
This looks lovely although a hell of a lot of caramel
choc brownie and salted caramel slice

2spotties, Jan 24, 3:08am
I can't go past a good old scone - especially with jam and cream
Saw a peanut butter and chocolate chip scone the other day, looked delicious
Love salted caramel and chocolate things too. Saw a chef make salted caramel, chocolate melting moments on good morning show once - now they looked awesome

tjman, Jan 24, 4:03am
And what sort of commission do we get for the right recipe?

lotsagiggles, Jan 24, 4:12am
I saw a recipe with an oreo biscuit as a base, bit of cheesecake mix then chopped nuts and chocolate chips with a blob of caramel on top. I think this would be a great seller. A large slice of cheesecake is too much and I am not likely to buy. I prefer a little treat.

rarogal, Jan 24, 5:54am
Ooh, I have a yummy Texan slice that I will post for you. I often make to take away and my friends rave over it. Be back soon!

rarogal, Jan 24, 5:59am
Here we go! I use a bit more butter in the base, as i found it a little crumbly, otherwise the recipe below is the original.

100g butter, melted
250g malt biscuits, crushed
2 cups walnut pieces, chopped roughly & lightly toasted
1.5 cups milk choc buttons, chopped (I left mine whole)
1 cup sultanas
3 cups desiccated coconut
500g sweetened condensed milk (about 1.5 cans)

Mix together butter and biscuit crumbs, press into 20 x 30cm slice tin, greased and lined with baking paper.
Mix together all other ingredients and roughly press into tin. Bake at 160c for 30 mins or until lightly browned. Don’t overcook. Should be moist and sticky.
(Cover with baking paper if starting to brown too quickly)
Cut when cold. Makes 18 pieces. (I cut mine smaller).

daarhn, Jan 24, 6:07am
L like to visit the local cafes that are successful. and gander at whats on display, take in a cuppa and watch what sells well. prt of your business plan would be visiting the competion and sussing out what works. how about a survey in store of all your new slice/cake product ideas. set up glass jars, every time you engage with customer ask them if they care to look at proposed new slices/cakes etc (classy photo and discription- chance for your staging skills). Ask them to pop a token into the jar they would like to see on menu. And a chalk board besides for them to write down their own suggestions just like you've asked here. Couloured chalk of course. I've used this interaction before. photo of product and regulars and randoms get to interact and see new menu. This is marketing 101. Lots of delish Luck to you business!

timetable, Jan 24, 8:29am
basic recipe.
2pkts of malt bickies crushed fine in the food processor
add any of the following: diced apricots, crystallized ginger, glace' cherries, cranberries
mix fruit in to bickie crumbs well
melt in microwave: 1 can of condensed milk with 200gms of butter and then mix well to have all the butter mixed in thoroughly.
add condensed milk mixture to bickie crumbs and mix well. put into slice tin layered with gladwrap (that way when its set you just pull it all out by the glad wrap and you can cover, bag and freeze for up to 3 months) press in well and then chill for at least an hour till set. quick and not to expensive to make

deus701, Jan 24, 9:15pm
thanks all for your advice and your recipes.

Our cafes are all set up with the respective system, and we had already gone around the competition and was quite disappointed except for one or two cafes. Now the pastry kitchen is in the 'evolution' stage to stay fresh and ahead of the market. It will be a difficult time as we are taking off long time favourites like choc brownie or custard slice (to be replaced by mille feuille)

dibble35, Jan 24, 10:30pm
That's a pity - you cant beat a good custard slice - yummy.

karrie3, Jan 24, 10:51pm
Best seller at our local cafe are small round cheesecakes, look like they are made in patty pans. A different flavour each day. My fave has a chocolate mint base with melted Moro bar mixed in the cheesecake , served with a big dollop of cream fir $5. It's to die for

They also do caramel and mixed berry flavours, and apricot and strawberry

biggles45, Jan 26, 12:52am
Bakewell Tart (aka almond slice) is yummy too.

sarahb5, Jan 26, 2:43am
Oh yum - I would definitely buy mille feuille if I saw one in a cafe but definitely wouldn't buy a custard slice - you can get those anywhere so its nice to find something a bit different

clareo, Jan 26, 3:38am
Please don't overlook the savouries. When I go into cafes I always go fir the savory items as opposed to the sweet.

lodgelocum, Jan 26, 3:41am
On the rare occasions I go to a café for lunch, I tend to get a club sandwich, a savoury of some form and a cake or slice.

sarahb5, Jan 26, 4:10am
OP was specifically asking for slices and tarts though so presumably has the savoury side already covered

jaybe11, Feb 4, 8:43pm
Yes go with lemon. some great gluten free lemon slices out there. PLEASE

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