Kids Party Foods

mtkeats, Feb 8, 2:39am
Anyone got some new ideas for kids birthday parties. My daughter is turning 10 on Sunday, and I am just sick of the same old things, cheerios, sausage rolls etc.

dorothy_vdh, Feb 8, 3:16am
make some cup cakes and let their imagination loose with decorating them

cap, Feb 8, 3:21am
We did the cupcakes for Miss 9's birthday. I made some music notes using melted chocolate and let them set so they had those to decorate with along with sprinkles and mini marshmallows. Honestly though when it comes to food you really can't go past the usual cheerios and sausage rolls - they always seem the most popular even if you think they are boring. I also like to buy those Banquet boxes with the mini spring rolls and samosas. Maybe some nice mini meatballs with dipping sauces.

indy95, Feb 8, 3:53am
Have you thought about asking your daughter ? At that age she probably has very definite ideas about what is or is not considered to be " cool " party food nowadays. She may surprise you by actually wanting the conventional " boring " stuff or come up with suggestions you hadn't thought of. Worth a try anyhow.

ruby19, Feb 8, 4:01am
Sushi can be popular with that age group, pizza, mini spring rolls, mini samosas. Mexican if you want more of a meal either nachos or make your own burritos. Platters of fresh fruit, watermelon strawberries with marshmallows and maltesers. Platters of carrot & cucumber sticks with a hummus or the good old kiwi french onion dip.

bernice1, Feb 8, 4:04am
Make pizza dough (or use a bought base or even a pita bread as a base) portion and roll into small rounds, then have allthe toppings set out for them all to make their own pizzas. You will be surprised at how adventerous some of them are with toppings. Then they eat them cos they have made their own. Also Mountain bread filled with a variety of yummy fillings, rolled up and slice on diagonal at one end so they stand up on the flat edge. Guacamole dip with fresh veggies to dip, hummus dip, fruit & marshmallow skewers, traffic light jellies set with or without fruit - make your own jelly with fruit juices. Fruit smoothies for drinks or the old fashioned spiders.

mtkeats, Feb 8, 4:50am
Great ideas thanks, keep them coming. It is my daughter that is sick of the same old things, so apart from decorating mini donuts and having lolly kebabs, we are getting nowhere fast. Oh to be a kid again!

darlingmole, Feb 8, 5:11am
Admittedly the the party was for 7 or 8 year olds but the BEST kids party I ever attended was at a local park ~ the mum had bought various softdrinks (served in paper cups) and good old fashioned fish'n'chips - served on the paper with tomato sauce, had a good play on the play ground and then she got rid of the paper rubbish in the bin. She sent the kids home with an iced muffin (birthday cake) and a balloon. Meanwhile her home remained immaculate, kids were happy and well fed, her sanity was intact and she didn't break the bank!

mtkeats, Jul 29, 11:11pm
Hmmmmm darlingmole love the sound of that, unfortunatley the invites have already gone out!

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