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emmapear, Apr 30, 9:50am
Are there any products I could buy online that would give me a feijoa hit?

dbab, Apr 30, 10:28pm
Maybe the Healtheries Feijoa tea.

munrotti, May 1, 1:03am
Can you get feijoa juice at your online groceries suppliers? when my daughter lived in Sydney she was able to get feijoas at supermarketin local shopping mall. They were very pricey though!

cookessentials, May 1, 1:13am
Do you get the range of Phoenix drinks? as they have a lovely feijoa drink available.

anniebabe1, May 1, 1:17am
There is a place near Brisbane, Kiwi Fine Foods that has all sorts of Feijoa stuff at different times and has also has fresh fruit there as well. They do have a website. My backyard in Brisbane has a tree growing as well which I plated 5 years ago but I live in Singapore grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and cannot enjoy any fruit from it til next weekend. Good luck

alebix, May 1, 1:21am
Mayceys sour feijoa lollies

juliewn, May 1, 5:38am
I've had a friends son here, back from Scotland - he said someone there put an advert online saying they'd pay $1000 if someone could provide some feijoa's - I offered him a jar of my preserved feijoa's to take back :-)

Emmapear. . a friend just north of Sydney has a feijoa tree growing. . could you plant one where you are? ?

emmapear, May 1, 5:41am
Hi thanks for everyones suggestions. Im in WA in a caravan park so cant plant a tree. I havent seen any in supermarkets either. I will try googling for the other things suggested.

missmad, May 3, 11:31am
oh i hear you i crave them as well, saw them at safeway for $1. 48 each ouch i just wont pay it, ill hope that i may be able to get them cheap at some stage soon, why are they like a really hard to find/get fruit here though?

susieq9, May 4, 1:54am
I preserved some a couple of years ago and sent 2 small jars of them over with my daughter. They took them off her, even though they were declared. So haven't tried again. I think it is also known as Pineapple-Guava. But I stand to be corrected with that.

aussierainbow, May 4, 8:24am
There is a NZ shop in perth, couldn;t find their website, but here is a link here: au/gasbag/viewtopic. php? f=6&t

juliewn, May 4, 10:34am
Hi Susie. . :-)

This might be of help. . I post jars of preserves to my Son in Melbourne - and include on the declaration 'Food items in sealed jars' - and they always go through without the parcel (which always includes other items) being opened at all.

Chris took some Manuka Honey with him - 2 containers - as cabin luggage - thinking it would be easier to have them handy as they would need to be declared - and they were taken off him.

He took honey and some chutney back with him in March, and included them in his hold luggage - declared them, etc. . they went through fine.

The same has applied when he was in Canada.

Hope this helps. . :-)

susieq9, May 4, 11:41pm
Thanks Julie. May try again through the post this time. Would be interesting whether my daughter had them in her hand luggage or in with the baggage. Will ask her next time I'm talking to her.

evorotorua, May 11, 5:05am
Hi Julie
I imagine that the reason the cabin luggage manuka honey was taken off him was because it was considered to be a liquid, not because it was honey. Anything that can be sprayed, poured or spread is considered to be a liquid and you can only have a clear container capable of holding 100ml(I think) of that in cabin luggage.

evorotorua, May 11, 5:06am
I can relate to missing feijoas. We moved from our old house in March just as the fruit was setting and we really miss them. Our new house has a feijoa tree but only one little wee fruit on it! ! ! ! !

amigos1, May 11, 6:52am
We are on the Gold Coast and are craving for feijoa's so bad. The Aussie's don't like them. We think they are mad... lol

marcs, May 12, 7:17am
surely you can find them in the markets. We have them in season in WA at the moment and there are heaps for sale in the market.

emmapear, May 12, 8:37am
Well I dunno but they are not in the supermarkets here and there is no market in Port Hedland everything comes in on a truck once a week from Perth.

marcs, May 12, 1:30pm
Geez you are a long way away in the middle of no where. I can post them to you but not sure what condition it will arrive in. Do you get down to Karratha at all. They might have markets that you can get them from. You will not find them in the supermarkets or at least I have not seen them here in Ellenbrook. I have a tree out the back but no fruit yet.

marcs, May 12, 1:34pm
I thought you could not bring honey into Australia. I know you can't take them into NZ from here.

fishaboy, May 12, 6:27pm
Honey is fine coming in.

How bout some feijoa vodka? mmmmmmmmmmmm you need to shop around for it though, Dan Murphys stocks it here in Brissie.

missmad, May 18, 10:36am
omg our local milk bar here has some nz stuff and the other day i found fresh up apple and fejoa juice was to die for!

taurushat, May 18, 11:03am
The are being grown in Oz by a NZ couple up in Gympie. They have a huge plantation, they have only been growing them for about 3-4 years. Everything they reap is sent straight overseas due to the high demand. Of course Aussies like them. . they just don't get the chance to try them because very few ever reach the market.

kirstybrooks, May 18, 10:14pm
Hi emmapear, Ive just moved back to NZ from Port Hedland. Keep an eye out in Coles, every so often they have Feijoas, although they are $1. 99 EACH! ! Great for cravings tho :)

emmapear, May 18, 10:28pm
oh ok! ! I havent shopped at Coles yet. I'm in Cooke Point so always go to Woolworths should check it out.

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