I,m to fat

sushi2, May 6, 6:01am
Can anyone please give me some healthy lunch ideas for work. I,m over weight and take or buy junk food. I want to loose weight, thanks for any ideas you can give

lilyfield, May 6, 6:17am
I take an apple a carrott and a small piece of cheese to work.

quiz3, May 6, 6:59am
Yep stick to fresh food, make it yourself and walk to a nice area, park, gardens etc have your lunch walk back, great exercise. Eat well, don't starve yourself and you'll be great. Good luck, chin up !

leebee35, May 6, 7:08am
cut up a savoury cabbage, add cooked chicken, & avocado,juice of one lemon, couple tablespoons of extra- Virgin oil. mix well salt & pepper.

Get some rice crackers eat with avocado & tin of tuna (spring water)

make some healthy veggie soup.

can you make scrambled eggs?

tarawera99, May 6, 7:27am
Raw nuts are really good snack for balancing blood sugar levels. I ordered some from www.naturalgrocer.co.nz, because the ones in supermarket aren't that great.

awoftam, May 6, 7:39am
Invest 35-00 in a book called Eat Real Food by David Gillespie. It fully explains the addictions created by some of the foods we eat and will change your life, your weight and your health if you chose to change your eating habits. No diets, no magical promises. Just some very interesting facts on food that should scare you (in a good way!) into being more healthy by understanding what you are really putting into your body while not giving up the food you love - within reason.

lennonlass, May 6, 7:55am
cups of soup cheap at supermarket - -obviously not the ones that have only 2 in pakt - you could have 2-3. make more food night before and take leftover veges. poached chicken breast - which I soak in weak salt brine for 3 hours and gently poach in onion/chili/bay leaves/thyme for 3 mins. turn off and rest for 20m . slice thinly and put in yr soup. you need a bit of protein to make you feel fuller.

lazkaz, May 6, 9:38am
Check out the thread. lets get to a healthy weight together.

Since 2 March I have lost 4 kgs, I am eating plenty of food, eating protein and veges, no carbs. I also suffered a few TIA's so cut out salt and ALL packaged food, no bread no potatoes, except when son makes a roast once a week. Even then I may have one or none. I had to make some choices as I was heading for a major stroke. I walk in my lunch break. Walk further than I need too, park the car further away. At the moment do not do much else for exercise. You can do it. So cook meals at night that you can take left overs, and without sauces out of a bottle, you end up really liking the flavour of real foods, meat etc without the salt etc. all the best and lets know how you are getting on.

lazkaz, May 6, 9:39am
The thread is in health

jhan, May 6, 9:54am
Take a wrap, put chopped lettuce and red pepper and some kind of cold meat in the middle, no mayonnaise. Wrap it up in glad wrap, take an apple for afternoon munchies.

Mind you, I'm losing weight as well, I'm doing the 5:2 diet. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays and eat normally the other days. Contrary to what you might think, it is hard to remember to eat enough on the normal eating days.

kindajojo, May 6, 10:21am
Plan evening meals, ie salads or veges for dinner, and do extra that can be made into a lunch for the following day, add cheese, boiled eggs, hummus, a tin of tuna, soups are good, cold meats . new world normally have a good selection. cold meat, tomatoe, egg salad, coleslaw, feta cheese, avocardo. snack of nuts.

Stay away from lots of carbohydrates muffins, scones, subway. thye are the killers

beaker59, May 6, 10:48am
I am doing quite well at steady slow weight loss at the moment. I am reducing carbs and sugars training myself basically to a new staple diet so its permanent loss. So key points I have learnt are have a good breakfast like porridge with no added sugar. Eat something for lunch along the lines of post #4 above. Cut out the carbs at dinner no potatoes, pasta, bread etc. For me its also cutting out the snacks which is why you need something for lunch.

buzzy110, May 6, 9:54pm
Would you object greatly if I reminded you that vegetables and fruit have carbs. Also eggs do as well. It is really hard to have a no carb diet. You are on a lower carb diet which is much more practicable than no carbs. What you have done is removed high starch foods rather than cut out on carbs, which is fantastic. Even then you are still getting starchy foods because it is part and parcel of root vegetables - parnsip, swede, carrot, beetroot, etc.

edlin, May 6, 10:08pm
I am losing weight slowly but surely by cutting out snacks that I think I was in the habit of eating while bored. I have reduced portion sizes too and taken up knitting (for charity) after dinner which is the time when I am tempted the most. I make myself go walking at least every second day and it is getting easier. You can do it IF you put your mind to it. Think of a reward for yourself like a holiday and new clothes if you meet targets along the way. You CAN do it and will be so proud of yourself plus feel healthier and more alive. Good luck!

hd07, May 7, 8:42pm
I used to take things like brown rice (packet stuff that cooks in microwave in two min) and add a tin of tuna, or can of mixed bean salad and tuna, left over salad, boiled eggs, cruskets with cottage cheese and tomato or salmon and cucumber, baked beans, soup. Raw nuts are good as a snack. It's important not to skip breakfast so have a poached egg or fruit smoothie.

What I found was the most important to lose weight though was regular exercise. Try to get out for a brisk walk daily or at least every two days.

jhan, May 8, 1:24am
Regular exercise is diet motivating and good for us on so many levels but for weight-loss, it won't make a huge difference. People who are bed-bound lose weight if they don't eat enough.

awoftam, May 8, 7:27am
Yes. And 'good' carbs are what fuel our body. we need them. People who say they are 'cutting out carbs' don't really understand what they are doing to be brutally frank. Its a mantra that people have taken up and long term it won't work, the same as any diet.

dcm30, May 8, 7:35am
A sandwich with wholemeal bread and salad filling is a good healthy lunch and fills you up too.

buzzy110, May 9, 2:10am
There is no such thing as an essential carb. Our bodies are more than capable of making carbs/sugar by a process known as gluconogenesis. I have lived a low carb lifestyle now for almost 10 years and I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been. It is really easy and I never feel any need to stop eating real food. Perhaps I could be slimmer but I've always been a tub and my present weight absolutely makes me feel like a supermodel - which I definitely am not. But I have a flat tum, a trace of hip bones, and the rest of me is in proportion, aside from my boobs, which remained unaffected by my diet. I've only ever been tempted to go off my diet and go low fat, in an effort to reduce my bust but I usually give up by lunchtime and am back to eating low carb by dinner because low fat and high carb food made me so hungry. I probably have no will power but with low carb I don't need will power.

awoftam, May 10, 7:01am
Agree. There are carbs naturally in a lot of what we eat (veges included).You have found what works for you which is absolutely brilliant.

Low carb isn't no carb tho. At the end of the day there is a plethora of information available for those that want to learn and understand about food, what is in it, and how to eat healthily. No one needs to be a super model - there is a reason there are only 10 or so of them in the world lol. It's about being comfortable with who you are, inside and out, and, for me personally, understanding exactly what I am putting in my mouth and how it works within my body. I prefer to make choices that are informed and my post was just trying to point out that people are quick to move to fads, which other fad creators get very rich from btw.

I also wonder whether your carb thing, and not being hungry is because you have inadvertently cut out sucrose from your diet. which is a very good thing.

buzzy110, May 10, 11:43pm
Lol. You are absolutely correct. A no carb diet is impossible if you are eating vegetables and fruit.

No. I didn't inadvertently cut out sucrose. I deliberately made the decision to severely limit it.

You are wise when you say people jump on the latest fad without doing their research. "Don't eat sugar" is all the rage these days but seriously, unless people have done their research and changed their diet to suit then they are setting themselves up to fail same, as every other fad they have probably been on. Just giving up added sugar won't do it, especially if they continue to follow the low fat, high carb paradigm and cannot cook or prepare meals from mostly primary produce.

Another fad is the Nutribullet craze. They learn all about how they are getting so many healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes but the advertisers are remarkably silent about the oxalic acid, high sugars (from more fruit than people can eat in a sitting), phytates, enzyme inhibitors and insufficient salt. There will probably be increased incidence of kidney stones, (oxalic acid), allergies (enzyme inhibitors and phytates) and auto immune diseases (high sugar consumption and lack of fibre) and who knows what all those extra pesticides are doing.

starbritedust, Jun 23, 11:16am
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