Sultana biscuits

griffo4, Mar 27, 4:56am
l would like an old sultana biscuit recipe please without golden syrup l remember them from childhood but can't find a recipe that comes close to them

harrislucinda, Mar 27, 5:14am
try Edmonds book think I do lemon biscuits and add sultana.s

griffo4, Mar 27, 6:38am
thanks will look it up
How old is your Edmonds book as the newer ones have changed?

harrislucinda, Mar 27, 7:03am
sorry vanilla biscuits
125 grm butter 175 gm sugar vanilla ess 1 egg 225grm
flour 1 tsp BP 50 grm sultanas
cream butter sugar add egg ess flour and BP
roll small balls onto tray press with fork bake 15 to 20 min at 190 deg

cgvl, Nov 21, 4:15pm
I use the vanilla biscuit recipe from the Edmonds book and use half the amount of sugar in it
4oz butter
4oz sugar or less (recipe actually states 8oz but I don't use anywhere near that)
2oz sultanas or choc chips or walnuts or macadamia's
few drops van essence
pinch salt optional
1 egg
1tsp baking powder
8oz flour
method as above but I bake at 180C for 20mins.
can also use peanuts and add 1Tbsp cocoa powder mixed to a paste with a small amount of water, to make peanut brownies.
Sometimes I add almond essence and leave out sultanas and dip in either sugar or hundreds and thousands for a change. A very versatile recipe.
Sorry about imperial measurements but its an old book without the metric equivalents.

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