Orange Sultana Cake

onclemick, Jan 19, 8:07am
I would love to have the recipe for a sultana cake, which I would think has had the sultana's soaked in orange juice, lovely moist fruit cake, anyone know how to make this please

tippsey, Jan 20, 6:42am
Just use a normal Sultana Cake recipe and soak the sultanas overnight in orange juice.

whitehead., Jan 20, 7:19am
any dry fruit should be washed and soaked the fruit is much nicer then

onclemick, Jan 20, 8:59am
would you strain the juice after soaking the fruit, or use it in the mixture ?

poppy69, Jan 31, 1:46am
would strain and not use juice

floralsun, Apr 12, 4:47pm
adding - post #7 in that thread includes:
or soak in cold tea- or apple juice -or orange juice-


lilyfield (537 537 positive feedback) 4:30 pm, Tue 6 Jan #7