Guest at birthday Gluten Free

pgta, Apr 30, 8:11am
Can anyone help me with gluten free items I can buy for daughters birthday.

I know I can search for recipes on here but won't have the time to make anything - just need ideas of things I can buy for party food that my daughter's friend will be able to eat.

Don't know anything about it and don't have time to research

Many thanks in advance

angiesbaking, Apr 30, 8:24am
Pavlova, Meringues, MAccaroons all d ecorated with some fruit or cream (if she can have that)

hezwez, Apr 30, 8:33am
Have a chat with her Mum for some favourites of hers. I'm sure that she'll be grateful. Some Mums contribute a little plate of goodies their child can eat, under such circumstances.

auntlb, Apr 30, 9:27am
popcorn, rice crackers (plain ones - need to check if flavoured ones are g-free), fudge, carrot and celery sticks, chicken nibbles (marinades can contain gluten so plain is best), plain chippies

aktow, Apr 30, 1:12pm
pgta you might be to far away but there is a gluten free bakehouse atmaskell street which is off st heliers bay rd, , , st heliers auckland.

ruby19, Apr 30, 9:24pm
Sushi, gluten free sausages, with Greggs tomato sauce, you can buy gluten free pizza bases, & could top with gluten free ham, then usual toppings tom cheese & pineapple. Hummus & veggie sticks, chicken drumsticks. Some marshmallows are gluten free, chopped up fruit. You can buy gluten free cake mixes if you wanted to make a cake for everyone they do a chocolate one that is pretty good.

gaspodetwd, Apr 30, 10:13pm
Talk to the Mum - my daughter is GF - but more than that. Most ready made GF food she can't eat as she has to avoid soy and potato and- the list goes on. I take her own food to birthday partys- always. In fact she knows she doesn't eat anything unless I have said yes. Sad but true.

pgta, Apr 30, 11:14pm
Thanks to those who replied - it gives me something to start with - the girl is 15 so will know what she can and can't eat so I don't have to worry about making her sick but would like to be able to offer her something

evorotorua, May 1, 4:50am
It's great that you are thinking about it and wanting to help her feel welcome. My Dad (at 70) has shown allergic reactions to soy now. Never had a problem before and now he has to consider everything he eats. Nothing is taken for-granted as there seems to be soy in so many products. gaspodetwd, it must be hard when children are young and you have to keep constant eye out for things. My hat goes off to all those with similar issues. Makes you think... .

herika, May 1, 7:07am
If malt vinegar was used in the pav it wont be gluten free, you would need to check all the ingredients in the maccaroons too.

herika, May 1, 7:11am
Definately talk to her so you ask her what specifically she can and cant eat. "Hidden gluten" is tricky so the girl should know what you dont. Frest fruit and veges should be okay but anything that is bought in a packet or preprepared could contain gluten :)

pgta, May 2, 3:38am
Went shopping today and am now obsessed with looking for gluten free stuff. What a nightmare it would be to have a child with this problem. I absolutely congratulate parents who can cope with this (including the extra expense).

Found some gluten free 100s & 1000s and chocolate hail so at least we can sprinkle those on her ice cream and there was some gluten free pizza bases so we should be covered.

Thanks all for your suggestions

donnabeth, May 2, 6:18am
Potato wedges and sour cream. Corn on the cob. Dip made from cream cheese, juice of half a lemon and a tbsp of corriander. Stir all together. everyone will love it. Same dip can be used as a spread on rice crackers, or mixed with chopped chicken or a can of tuna and used as dip or topping.

martine5, May 2, 8:17am
OMG gluten free ham ! ! ! , naturally ham shouldn't have in gluten in it- who adds it? ?

herika, May 2, 8:21pm
Its in the manufacturing. I did some research on hams and this is what I found out: Carrageenan (seaweed) can be added to the gel used when making a ham. Carrageenan is a gum and can cause diarrhoea. Wheat starch, gluten and sodium caseinate can be in the brine used too. So if these things are in hams then that will be why some people react badly to them. :)

earthangel4, Jun 14, 11:59am
Also this one