Baking 8kg ham

paddypf, Feb 2, 6:58pm
If we were to get an 8kg ham to bake will we have issues with the glaze burning in the length of time it will take. We wanted 2 4kg champagne hams but they are not available this time of year.

petal1955, Feb 2, 7:11pm
Is the ham already cooked or raw? If its cooked its only a matter on cooking the glaze.

anne1955, Feb 2, 7:17pm
Most ham's are cooked when purchased hence only glaze that needs to be done. And ham heats through during this process so if serving cold leave to cool after doing glaze. I can't say I have ever come across an un-cooked ham. If so I would try Mrs & Mr Google for help.

paddypf, Feb 2, 8:00pm
It will be a cooked ham but never having done one before I don't want to have it coming out of the oven black because glaze has burned. It will be served hot.

petal1955, Feb 2, 8:44pm

cheekypa, Feb 2, 8:46pm
Pull it out when its golden, or drop the temperature and leave for longer.

I used to do 8 - 9 kg hams at 100 deg for 5 hours. Just take rind off and pack brown sugar ontop. Yum

pinky10, Mar 31, 1:44am
Made Chelsea Winters glazed ham recipe for xmas, everyone raved about it!

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