Juicy Fat Scallops

daarhn, Sep 27, 8:25pm

Posted in today's NZHerald.

Love these plumb little morsel bites of heaven!

Please add your scallop tips and links.

beaker59, Sep 27, 9:12pm
Biggest scallops come from Manukau best tasting from the Hauraki gulf or Northland, though the Nelson ones are pretty good too. Did you know scallops have eyes and can see though only shadows as such. When you collect them they will try and swim away.

Worst thing you can do when cooking them is overcook them, in fact I like to eat them raw.

camper18, Sep 27, 10:28pm
My Dads version. Open and clean then pop scallop back into deep part of shell, knob of butter +pepper and salt then under the grill or on the BBQ until they turn opaque. Done.

rainrain1, Sep 27, 10:38pm
Don't remove the roe, fry in butter, and eat

wasala, Sep 28, 12:18am
Why do they always remove the roe in the USA? It's really odd. Meanwhile look at this. Yum!
(It's quiet here this weekend isn't it?)

rarogal, Sep 28, 1:05am
My sister wrapped scallops in pancetta and bbq'd them. So delicious. Requires very little cooking time.

buzzy110, Sep 28, 1:29am
Absolutely. Raw is the only way to eat them imo. I don't like them with bacon or pancetta. The meat completely overpowers the unique flavour of the scallop.

Here is my favourite recipe. It is not much different to a pesto:


500gms Pumpkin seeds
Large handful (about 25g) Coriander Leaves
150ml Sunflower Oil
Juice of 1 Lime
2 Shallots, Chopped
7g Parmesan, freshly grated
Salt & Pepper
Optional 1 hot green chilli chopped
(Any or All) 2 cloves garlic
Fresh ginger

Stick all ingredients into a blender and blend.(Note:I don’t tend to measure anything when making pesto like sauces)

• Par fry/cook scallops/fish fillets/prawns then put into dish, cover with sauce and finish cooking by placing under grill
• Par fry/cook scallops/fish/prawns then add sauce to pan and stir through till finished cooking
• Sauce could be used to stuff chicken breasts or used on chicken same as two methods above.

awoftam, Sep 28, 5:31am
I live in the town that processes and packs all the scallops from the Coromandel. Used to love collecting these when I scuba dived - pick them up from the bottom and let them go in the water and they would open and shut their shells and dance along in the water.
I didn't enjoy shelling them; when they pulsed in my hand I used to squark I couldn't help it. All the guys used to look at me funny. I remember saying once bees kept flying to close to me and one remarked "sure it wasn't a pig?" lol

awoftam, Sep 28, 5:35am
I understand some restaurants sell scallops from Japan as they are way bigger than ours. I was told this when I ate some HUGE scallops at a restaurant in Auckland a couple of years ago. They were quite stunning. Very sweet.

daarhn, Sep 28, 6:11am

rainrain1, Sep 28, 6:13am
They're big down here ha ha. Queen scallops

wasala, Sep 28, 6:32am
Wow! Fancy there being another keen scuba diver in 'Recipes'. I think I know the scallops you mean. Our local fish and chip shop does them and they are practically the size of hub-caps. Apparently Mexico produces huge ones too but they're the ones that go to the US and are served with the roe removed.

wendalls, Sep 28, 4:04pm
I'm not fond of the roe to be honest. I'd prefer the White only. I've scuba dived for them in the bay of islands with my dad. Mainly to be his buddy and help carry them to get more quota. Not keen enough to have my own gear. I like them with a bit of garlic added to the salt, pepper and butter. Don't think I've ever paid money for them.

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