Pasta Recipe using Maggi Green Herb Stock

Years ago I had a recipe for Pasta made with Maggi Green Herb Stock.
I unfortunately lost the recipe and am wondering if anyone has it and can help me please.

Chef_ctmh, Mar 4, 7:00 pm

Sorry but do not have anything like that.

The only thought I have with Pasta and Maggi green Herb Stock is that one is cooked in the other.

The stock can be still used for something else but at least the pasta will absorb some of the flavour of the stock.

I quite often cook dumplings, pastas, won tons, etc in such manner whether Chicken, beef, Green Herb, etc. just gives an extra nice touch.

Chef_valentino, Mar 4, 8:36 pm

Years ago I used to cook spaghetti pasta when cooked drain & throw in a heap of butter & 2 large table spoons green herb. Served with mince or stew. Kids loved it.
Now I make a pasta dish with spirals. When cooked throw in homemade basil pesto & sour cream a little milk to make a sauce. Cooked some chopped onion & bacon & add to pasta. Very tasty. But I imagine green herb would be good instead of the pesto.

Chef_niffer13, Mar 5, 4:55 am