Recipe Wanted - Tupperware Grannies Sugar Cookies

deeg4, Jan 11, 1:24am
Hi, I'm trying to find a copy of a recipe that I had (which I've somehow lost) it was from Tupperware and came with their cookie cutters, it was called Grannies Sugar Cookies and was back in the 1980s. I have looked online but the current ones have other things added to it and it's not the original recipe. From memory there weren't many ingredients in the recipe. Can anyone please tell me how I can get a copy of the recipe. Thank you.

turtlet, Jan 11, 4:02am
There is a recipe if you search Tupperware original grannies sugar cookies. Perhaps that is what you are looking for.

vicky22, Jan 13, 9:39am

deeg4, Jan 14, 6:52am
Thanks heaps really appreciate your help, will try that search.

deeg4, Jan 21, 4:53pm
Thanks heaps vicky22 really appreciate your help too, that looks like the one I had except don't remember the chilling of the mixture, but that recipe is perfect for what I need thank you.

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