Does anyone have a good recipe for bacon

griffo4, Feb 26, 8:33am
l am keen to make some bacon and l am hoping someone on here has a good bacon cure recipe they will share please

griffo4, Feb 27, 4:30am
Anyone l would like a dry cure recipe that has been tried

l have looked on google but thought someone here might have one they use

beaker59, Feb 27, 9:08am
I just use a salt and brown sugar cure (50/50) rub thickly and bag turn every day for a week, then remove from bag pat dry and leave in fridge for another day to dry on outside so that a skin forms then I smoke but you can skip that stage, slice and fry yum :)

I smoke it in my Webber BBQ using plum wood and smoke for an hour.

Oh I use pork belly or peel a pig head for what the kids call face bacon.

griffo4, Feb 28, 1:12am
Thank you beaker l will try that l have ordered a pork loin so will see how that goes

drsr, Feb 28, 4:03am

griffo4, Feb 28, 5:35am
Thank you drsr that is a great forum

dannyboy24, Feb 28, 8:07am
Lol @ face bacon

pickles7, Mar 17, 6:02am

griffo4, Mar 17, 7:06am
Will give an update when we taste the bacon l am making using the 2 recipes on here the revised one and the one with star anise in

aj.2., Mar 17, 7:16am

griffo4, Mar 19, 1:32am
took my 2 pieces of bacon out of their bags, washed them and had a couple of slices for breakfast, oh so nice, just have to smoke in a few days time to take it to an 11

griffo4, Mar 19, 1:34am
sorry but what is redex please?

coralie, Mar 19, 2:05am
This site is amazing! Now i want to make bacon

griffo4, Mar 19, 3:50am
yes and it is easy to make and you don't have to smoke it if you don't want to
l got the prague powder from here and the scales that weigh up to 30g for accuracy

griffo4, Mar 19, 3:51am
Thank you for putting up this link it has so much good info

griffo4, Dec 6, 1:01am
Well just took the bacon out of the smoker, we cold smoked it and OMG it is now an 11 so nice
Can't wait for breakfast
l am now doing a Sichuan bacon and another lot of the revised recipe
will not be buying bacon again

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