Watery ham on the bone ?

thewomble1, Jan 1, 1:02pm
The salt is dissolved in water and then injected to cure the pork. Not injected to get the weight up but to get the salt into the meat.

aldis, Jan 6, 3:50am
I was given a ham for Xmas last year after buying some furniture in a Hamilton shop. I froze it so it didnt get too hot in the drive back home to Wellington. Then when I got home it slowly defrosted in the fridge.
Once defrosted I wrapped it in a clean damp cold tea towel soaked with apple cider vinegar.
According to the family it was the best ham ever, and lasted for weeks in the fridge.
I think the brininess is due to poor processing techniques rather than it being a frozen ham.

samanya, Jan 6, 5:31am
You're onto it.
Defrosting real slow is the answer . not exactly as a fresh ham, but pretty damned close.

samanya, Jan 6, 5:34am
Are yours cooked before or after freezing?
My mother froze raw hams after a home kill & cooked when needed (in a copper) ;o) & they were always good.

mommabean, Jan 7, 9:59am
Put the ham in a pot and bring to the boil this will fix it.

mommabean, Jan 7, 10:02am

shell651, Dec 29, 11:40pm
Hello . My parents gave me a ham for Christmas that they had frozen. Unfortunately it REALLY watery.
What can I do with it . and how ?
Thanks :)

lodgelocum, Dec 29, 11:53pm
I hate frozen ham; ham steaks on the bbq, ham quiches.

shell651, Dec 30, 12:01am
I know ! It seems a waste and I was looking forward to yummy fresh ham sandwiches etc . Hopefully there are some other ideas out there as well . Thanks

dbab, Dec 30, 12:21am
Use in quiches or pasta dishes.
Ham is never great once its been frozen

rainrain1, Dec 30, 12:22am
Slice some off and paper towel dry it, leave slices in fridge a while, it doesn't stay watery forever

smallwoods, Dec 30, 12:45am
In fridge on a rack to drain.

cleggyboy, Dec 30, 1:13am
Shows just how much liquid that is injected into ham and even raw meats just to get the weight up.
Rather dishonest I would have thought.

samanya, Dec 30, 2:20am
This won't help OP this time, but the only half decent frozen ham I've tried is after letting thaw for several days . slowly in the fridge.

pen69, Dec 31, 1:18am
Its probably a bit late but we had this problem this year also. Hubby got given 2 ham legs last year so we chucked one in the freezer.

The first time we opened it we cut off lots of thick slices,put them in a tinfoil roaster on the BBQ (hooded BBQ) and chucked a small can of pineapple pieces in juice over the top and heated until it all sizzled - was yummy!

The rest we glazed with pineapple juice and mustard etc and baked on the BBQ again until it was heated through - again was very good!

carriebradshaw, Dec 31, 1:37am
We had a really watery ham one year and I put it in the oven for about 30 mins on 100c and it came out great.Just be careful not to dry it out as you don't want dry ham either!

burmese1, Dec 31, 2:44am
Remove it from the plastic and put it in a ham bag. Or bake it.

edbabynz, Dec 31, 3:04am
Yes glaze it.

socram, Dec 31, 3:15am
Couldn't agree more. We buy pork rumps regularly (low fat, easy to cook) and each one gives off a fair bit of liquid. Ditto with frozen prawns. So much water comes out of them too. We are paying a lot of money for added water.

porka1, Dec 31, 6:51am
Fresh meat does contain a fair amount of water.Typically there is about 1-1.5% drip loss in the first 24 hours following processing.

usualsuspect, Dec 31, 8:38am
interested to know where you get your information from. the last thing I would want to buy is Chinese ham or Chinese any kind of food tbh I just wouldnt trust how it is manufactured, slaughtered, treated with chemicals etc

porka1, Dec 31, 6:06pm
Chinese pork or ham being imported into NZ is a myth
September 2014 figures for imported pork was 3229 tonnes
Most pork (product weight) imported into New Zealand came from Denmark
(34%), Canada (18), Finland (17%), Australia (10%), USA (7%) and Sweden
This work is based on/includes Statistics New Zealand’s data which are licensed by Statistics New
Zealand for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 New Zealand license

crails, Dec 31, 6:33pm
This Christmas the ham we had, had been frozen. It defrosted it in the fridge over several days, I glazed and baked as I would a fresh ham and it wasn't watery at all, and to be honest I expected it to be as it had been in the deep freeze since last Christmas.

smallwoods, May 17, 1:45am
We home kill one pig just for the back hams each November.
Cut each in half and freeze 3 for the rest of the year.
Last one comes out just before the new ones go in.

Have never had a problem with watery ham?

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