Spring onions

suzanna, Apr 28, 7:47am
I have harvested all the spring onions in the garden... now what to do with them? ? Do they freeze? Any of you got any brilliant ideas? Thanks so much.

fisher, Apr 28, 8:35am
Next year you may want to sow a few each week. . for a steady supply... :}
I have 4 lots going at the mo all at different stages...

suzanna, Apr 28, 9:24am
Good idea Fisher just not sure about our growing season down here in Canterbury. Think I might just cut the white parts off and have a go at freezing them. If all else fails they'll be good for Asian type soups. Cheers

fisher, Apr 29, 12:10am
Hi suzanna. . had a nosey for my own reference and most info seems to be that you can freeze but best used direct from frozen. .
Soups, stir fries, casserole and crock pot cooking where that flavour is required. .
I would trim green tops and cut off roots, blanche for a minute or two, dry and freeze in bags with air removed and labelled. . I freeze chives like that and they are fine. . Maybe try some cleaned and ready for cooking direct into freeze bags. .

540trickzter, Apr 29, 12:29am
If you eat instant noodles then cut some up and put them in...

suzanna, Apr 29, 1:25am
Thanks for the replies... my kids eat noodles so another good idea! Thanks for the research Dr Fisher!

keenaz1, Mar 15, 11:07am
I live in Canty. and grow spring onions all year round. Obviously they don't grow as fast in the winter but the frosts and occasional snow drifts don't have any affect IME.

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