Freezing sweet corn

chi-chi, Mar 26, 8:26am
the sweet corn is sogood at the moment .in price and taste! can anyone tell me if it's okay to freeze and if so, raw, cooked or semi cooked!

uli, Mar 26, 8:34am
I cook 10 or 20 cobs at a time then eat what I want, keep some for fritters for the next day in the fridge and cut off the rest and freeze the kernels for winter.

Keep for nearly a year - usually eaten well before that.

I use them in soups, stews, frittata, fritters or plain with butter as a side dish in winter.

chi-chi, Mar 26, 8:40am
thanks Uli! will buy some more this week and freeze

uli, Mar 26, 8:40am
Last Saturday on the market they were 10 for $5 - cannot go wrong there :)

chi-chi, Mar 26, 8:56am
yes I got 5 for $2.50 at Countdown.

pickles7, Mar 26, 5:39pm
I froze a lot of creamed corn this year. Vegetables are going to be very expensive so thought I would get a bit stashed away.

cookessentials, Mar 26, 6:11pm
You blanch it, then freeze, free flow in bags. To blanch, you boil water in a stock pot pop in a few cobs at a time, leave about 1 minute, remove and put in to your sink or a bowl of iced water ( this stops the cooking process) then into the bag to freeze. Blanching helps it keep it's colour too.

kiwitel, Mar 26, 6:43pm
Thanks pickles7- I have copied the creamed corn recipe- will be making some!

jobb, Mar 27, 7:54am
i just freeze them in the husks, not pre cook for up to 6 - 8 months and have no problems with cooking them or eating them

ridgeline, Mar 27, 7:58am
We pick cobs and remove most of the leaves except the two closest to the cob i.e. the kernals are still covered. We then freeze. Later on cook in microwave without thawing. Comes up very nicely. It is a very simple but effective way to deal with surplus sweet corn. We learned this method from previous Trademe threads

loren8, Mar 27, 8:37am
Ridge line, how long would you cook a frozen cob for!

arrowmax, Mar 28, 5:36am
I agree, freeze in husks.Fresh cobs - 3 minutes per cob in microwave and I tend to not put more than 3 cobs in at one time (therefore 9 minutes) and space them like a triangle for even cooking.Frozen ones 4-5 minutes per cob.So lovely. ( i have an older microwave so newer ones may not take quite so long, but this method is from Alison Holst)

uli, Mar 28, 11:34pm
You need a big freezer if you freeze in husks - precooked and cut off they use so much less room.

propagator, Mar 29, 1:16am
I do the same and when cooked (microwaved, husks and all)they taste as if freshly picked.

jbsouthland, Mar 29, 1:48am
same .yum!

emma-rose, Mar 29, 4:42am
Just de-husk - break in half and put in bag - do not precook. They freeflow beautifully. Put in pot , bring to boil and turn off. Easiest vege out there.

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