White beans also freezing beans

pickles7, Feb 17, 5:18am
Well every time you pick beans you will find one or two that were hiding last time you picked. Today I found 6 white beans, twice as long as normal, near 40 cm long. I was going to chop them up for compost but they were so tender they did not have a string any where. We ate them tonight for dinner. I will set about growing more next year.
Has anyone else found any!
I have 14 meal lots of beans in the freezer so far, and they are coming on fast as right now.
To freeze beans:
The only way we will eat them frozen is;
slice, put into meal lots in a microwave safe bag, microwave 1 minute, turn bag over microwave 1 more minute. Remove with care, seal after all the air has been squeezed out, put the bag in a bowl of ice cold water. The bag will suck in, thus keeping the beans in very good condition.
note , the amount in each bag would be 250 grams.

nauru, Feb 17, 7:19am
PIckles what are white beans!Do you mean butter beans or is there another type that I haven't seen before!

uli, Feb 17, 7:48am
I think she means overgrown beans with the big seeds inside.

I simply shell them and add the fresh seeds to the green beans I am cooking.

Or I leave them in the kitchen for a week to shrivel then shell and keep for next years seed.

It is important to remove them otherwise the plant thinks it has done its duty and will not form any more flowers. Same with courgettes. One overgrown one can stop the plant for weeks.

pickles7, Feb 17, 8:23am
sorry, I should have said they were runner beans.

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