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tansey, Apr 27, 4:07am
it has become within the last few weeks.
I could get butter on special a few weeks ago at $2. 19 on occasion. The same brand and size few days ago was $3. 99. That's a huge increase - Why?

herself, Apr 27, 4:21am
because they can! ! ! ! hisssssss. I try not to use it very often and when I do it is in very small portions!

st_allie, Apr 27, 4:23am
also, some brands have added water. Tararua still lists ingredients as cream and salt.

please check the labels before you buy.

also note cheeses have increased in price ridiculously.

tansey, Apr 27, 4:24am
We are a country with an abundance of dairy produce. That seems totally out of whack to be saying that we must use it sparingly or must refrain from putting on our tables because we can't afford it.
Something wrong here don't you think?

petal1955, Apr 27, 4:29am
We produced lamb and butter... . but unfortunately the export market gets it... . and we pay prices that are sky high... . its stupid ! ! !

st_allie, Apr 27, 4:29am
well considering that there is no extra cost to ship overseas?

shipping must cost a lot. So... NZ butters and cheeses should be cheaper to buy as we are local... surely?

grannymum, Apr 27, 5:13am
I know it is said by the meat/dairy board etc that we should pay the same price as they get for exported meat/dairy produce but I really do not believe we get the same quality as those that are exported or is that my imagination?

enigma, Apr 27, 5:14am
I haven't used butter in over 15 years.

tansey, Apr 27, 5:15am
You are correct. So how do put this to rights?

tansey, Apr 27, 5:17am
Butter is healthier for you than margarine though and it is gives a superior result in baking.

st_allie, Apr 27, 5:24am
ever since i arrived in the recipes section of the message board. . i no longer buy margarine.

my preference is tararua. . and i make the home made spreadable half oil / half butter spread.
can't recall who posted it. . but thankyou.

it took my teenagers 3 weeks to adjust.

deus701, Apr 27, 5:26am
The last time I bought butter overseas (end of 2009), a 5kg tub of Anchor butter was $18 while Golden Churn (Australian) was $20.

Golden Churn has better flavour than Anchor.

holdenss, Apr 27, 5:28am
Im sure I heard in the past 2 weeks Fontera payout increased 20% for solids, This cost is then usually past onto the consumers in the next month or so. So buy It while its only $3. 99! ! ! ! !

st_allie, Apr 27, 5:29am

I'm going to freeze at least 3 kilos of it . . while i have freezer space.

poppy62, Apr 27, 5:47am
Its a ridiculous price! When the price for it goes up, we choose not to use it! They're a pack of pratts - if they kept the prices reasonable, we would continue to use it and both sides would be better off!

cookessentials, Apr 27, 6:23am
Yes, i did! When ever it's cheaper, I buy it and freeze it.

marielize1, Apr 27, 6:27am
It's still cheaper than a couple of chocolate though, and it takes a lot of cream. I have been making small bits of butter and cheese and boy you need a lot of milk!

cookessentials, Apr 27, 6:28am
We dont eat it very often unless I either bake ( which is not so often now) or when people come to stay.

valentino, Apr 27, 7:39am
And lets not forget the pricing of cheeses, that is the basic ones, they have gone up.

grannymum, Apr 27, 7:43am
Will be freezing Tararua butter too!

kcak, Apr 27, 9:05pm
Yes, you can buy NZ lamb cheaper in Mexico than you can here!

charlieb2, Apr 27, 9:41pm
So how long will butter 'last' in the freezer... think I'll be buying it on special too...

The other thing I noticed last week was different sizes of butter. I'm pretty sure it was Pam's brand that is now a 400g block. You really do have to be aware as a consumer...

justdelite, Apr 28, 2:04am
I know I went to foodtown yesterday and bought a tub of tararua semi soft the blue one and it was almost $6. I couldnt believe it and the weekend windback on a block of butter was almost $4. Never thought about freezing it.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 28, 2:07am
Lurpak's starting to look better! Lol!
I'd pay twice the current price for real, organic butter. Butter's one of my favourite foods, but it's hard to find a good tasting one.

duckmoon, Apr 28, 5:02am
Pam is now selling a 400g block of butter.
I thought it was a good price, until I realised at checkout, that it was 20% smaller.
I asked them to put it back on the shelf

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