Cola and lamb shanks?

lucky1989, Mar 12, 9:20am
ok so after watching mkr i want to try for myself the cola chicken i always hear about, i also want to make lamb shanks (its just on my to do list lol) and i also am wanting to start using my slow cooker, question is would cola and lamb shanks be a great combo or should i just do lamb one night and cola chicken another :P (also need details for lamb if you think it WOUKLD go good with a cola mix)

quarterpasttwo, Mar 13, 12:15am
my aunt used to put a tin\class of cokea packet of onion soup mix and chiken wings in slow cooker put it on {time unsure} and that was yummy when done

mandi, Mar 13, 2:36am
Cooking anything in cola baffles me completely!Just my humble opinion.

lucky1989, Mar 13, 2:50am
yea i just want to try it, people on other threads have raved about it, but i think now that Manu has said that its not real cooking people dont wana admit it haha :P ill try it one day! couldnt find lamb shanks at the supermarket any ways!!

bedazzledjewels, Mar 13, 3:17am
Red wine would be 100% better IMO!

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