Home made pesto

trah, Mar 12, 1:57am
Have just finished making a batch of pesto - the first time I have done it.I had three basil plants in the garden going to seed and nearly ready for pulling out, so went out and bought the other ingredients and some smallest size Glad containers.Five are now in the freezer and one in the fridge for using up. Apparently it keeps for 2-3 wks in the fridge.I used the NZ Woman's Weekly recipe.Tonight I will smother some on chicken breasts and grill them to eat for dinner with green salad and baked potato.Yum!

trah, Mar 12, 1:57am
By the way, the pine nuts were 8.80 per 100g!Like buying saffron or gold!

dibble35, Mar 12, 6:37am
I should really get motivated and make some, I have about 6 big basil plants in the garden and I just havnt been using them,Ok, I have the containers, and most of the ingrediants, just need to borrow a food processor. You know you dont have to use pine nuts aye. I've made it in the past with peanuts, walnuts (very nice) and almonds(also nice)

clevercloggs, Mar 12, 6:41am
Hey trah, try using different nuts. You don't have to stick to pine nuts. I often use almonds but walnuts are very nice in pesto too.

makespacenow, Mar 12, 7:37am
My kids love sunflower seeds when we don't have pine nuts ;)

petal1955, Mar 12, 7:11pm
Use cashew nuts pieces.we do in the cafe

trah, Mar 12, 8:00pm
Ummm yeah - have still got pine nuts leftover now, but for next year, I won't be using pine nuts!The chicken was yummy last night!

rema, Mar 13, 7:32pm
Can you please share the recipe, would love to make some

amazing_grace, Mar 13, 7:54pm
We pick walnuts in Autumn which last for a whole year.Dry them, shell them stack into jars.They are great in pesto, and free if you have a nice friend with a walnut tree

trah, Mar 14, 1:17am
The recipe I used for Rema:

4c tightly packed basil leaves
4 cloves garlic
Half cup parmesan grated
Half cup pinenuts
1 cup olive oil
Salt to taste
Olive oil to cover

Pulse leaves and garlic in Food Processor.Add cheese and pinenuts and blend to pulp.With motor running, drizzle in oil, stop to scrape down bowl, continue till paste is reached.Season with salt to taste.

Keeps 2-3 wks in fridge.Cover with oil to stop discolouring.
Can freeze.

rema, Mar 14, 3:33am
Thanks very much trah - will give it a go

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