Best GF bread recipe

walt, Jan 27, 7:41am
What is your best GF bread recipe please.

fishnwally, Jan 27, 8:51pm
I use the healtheries simple wheat and gluten free bread mix, they have recipes on the back which I find work, son loves the bread that comes out of the breadmaker.

walt, Jan 28, 2:30am
THanks both of you. I will give the breadmix a try.

uli, Jan 28, 7:51am
Really depends what type of bread you want. A French baguette or a wholemeal type bread with lots of seeds or what! There is no such thing as "the best GF bread" - it all comes down to preferences.

I have made this bread a couple of times for GF friends:

gr8stuf4me, Jan 30, 2:05am
Uli, thank you for sharing that link with us - I for one have been looking for just such a recipe and will find this very helpful indeed. Cheers.

uli, Jan 30, 3:49am

walt, Jan 30, 8:11am
Thanks uli, they look devine!

uli, Jan 31, 5:11am
Hope you get some of the recipes going walt!

elsielaurie1, Jan 31, 8:20am
The best one I've found is from The Tin Kitchen.they're on-line with a video showing how easy it is.Just weigh out the required dry mix, from The Tin Kitchen, and add tepid water.mix, place in prepared tin(s), leave to rise, then bake.Yummo.available in plain or seeded varieties.