Which oil to use in Spinach & Feta Muffins?

carter441, Jan 27, 12:05am
I am making Spinach & Feta Muffins:http://www.tararua.net.nz/recipes/Spinach-and-Feta-Muffins!r=19&i=2

The recipe calls for 200ml of "vegetable oil".I want them to be healthy muffins - is "vegetable" oil the best oil to use!Your thoughts please.

lx4000, Jan 27, 12:06am
vege or canola. Use a oil that has no taste to it.

gayle6, Jan 27, 12:11am
Alternatively if you want to add some beautiful flavour use New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

seniorbones, Jan 27, 12:50am
I always use rice bran oil, its a neutral oil so doesnt leave an oily taste.

red2, Jan 27, 1:50am
rice bran oil here too

carter441, Jan 27, 3:17am
Thanks people - appreciate your thoughts.

toadfish, Jan 27, 3:37am
and here

wron, Jan 27, 10:15am
Grapeseed oil would be good too.

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