Venison pie

cw_jc, Jan 20, 9:00pm
I would like to make one.
I've never cooked with venison before though so would like to do the fillingreally slowly in the slow cooker to get it nice and tender, and then put it into apie shell.
Would this work or is there a better way!
And does anyone have a good recipe!

cgvl, Jan 20, 9:08pm
answered your q in parenting but do a search on left using anytime and you may find other recipes here

rainrain1, Jan 20, 9:25pm
It will be fine done in slow cooker first, make sure you have plenty of flavours in with it eg, mushrooms, bacon, tomato paste, red wine, as it can very bland and tasteless stewed or casseroled without good flavours

beaker59, Jan 20, 9:27pm
Venison cooks just like beef really, what cuts do you have! Just use your fav beef casserole recipe cook until tender (venison isn't generally that tough anyway so be careful not to overcook) then use that as your pie filling I generally thicken a pie filling more than I would a casserole.

Venison has a distinctive taste that most people love its a very dark meat so can take stronger flavoured herbs well (try junniper berries) it also does well with a generous splash of red wine, it is generally very low in fat so can benifit from added fat though my wife likes the fact she can tuck in to a good sized meat portion without worrying about calories.

nauru, Jan 21, 9:11am
This is a recipe that I have used and it was lovely.I make small pies with the leftovers. I forgot to add the redcurrant jelly once and it was just as nice.

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