Cupcake Corers

uli, Jan 19, 8:28am

daisyhill, Jan 19, 8:29am

olwen, Jan 19, 9:19am
I've heard of them, but I'm sure I could improvise.The underused apple corer might work.

elliehen, Jan 19, 9:36am
Maybe it's to make a little top hat for the cupcake ;)

issymae, Jan 19, 9:49am
avon has a similar thingee in their well being brochure

olwen, Jan 19, 11:20am
One website suggested using a jalapeno corer.How come I don't have one of these!

pam.delilah, Jan 19, 8:46pm
a teaspoon does the job

cookiebarrel, Jan 21, 3:52am
They are useful if you are making many, many filled cupcakes at one time and also means they are all a uniform size, so same amount of filling in each one.The one I have was a lot cheaper than that and is doing it's job well and has for a long time now.Was a gift, but wouldn't want to be without it now as less mess and a great time saver, well has been for me.

uli, Jan 21, 4:18am
Just for fun - do you sell the cores separately!

And why core in the first place!
Why not just ice!

nunesy, Jan 21, 6:35am
uli you can put amazing fillings in the cupcake easily if you have a corer. and then ice!So you get cake, filling and icing/frosting. yum.

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