Fresh fig chutney. Does anyone have a

clair4, Apr 24, 10:50pm
good recipe for chutney. I have quite a few ripe figs in the fridge ready to make chutney. Have pickled some and made some jam.
The granny smith apples I used did not mash up, so I am a bit
disappointed with that as they have just stayed in cooked cubes.

allspices, Apr 24, 11:34pm
Fresh fig chutney (Think it might be Digby Law's)


750g fresh figs150gbrown sugar
75g pitted dates2 1/2 cups malt vinegar
50g crystallised ginger75g raisins
250g onions1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp cayenne

Slice the figs, chop dates, ginger and onions. Bring vinegar and sugar to the boil. Combine all other ingredients together in another saucepan. Pour hot vinegar mixture over, mix well and leave overnight. Next day, bring chutney to the boil and cook very slowly for about 3 hours, until it is thick and dark.
Spoon into hat clean jars and seal. Makes about 1. 5 litres.

clair4, Apr 25, 12:36am
Thanks allspices. I presume that I do not cook the figs with the vinegar, but just pour it over everything.

jessie981, Apr 25, 12:41am
Aunt Daisy's recipe
Pound & half fresh figs
3oz raisins
2oz perserved ginger
1/2lb onions
3oz dates
6oz br sugar
1/2tsp salt
1/4tsp cayenne
1pt vinegar
Cut figs into rings, cut dates & ginger into cubes. Boil vinegar & sugar, pour over other ingredients & leave overnight. Next day boil till thick & dark approx 3 hrs.

Looks the same as allspices, except she has been good & given you the metric measurements

allspices, Mar 2, 6:06pm
clair4, after the overnight thing, cook all together until thick and dark. Good luck.

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