boys birthday cake

cdgsalter, Apr 24, 10:39pm
does anyone know of a website that has kids birthday cake ideas?

margyr, Apr 24, 11:52pm
just go to google and type in kids birthday cake ideas, plenty there.

cdgsalter, Apr 24, 11:56pm
i know, way too many there lol, but thanks

margyr, Apr 24, 11:58pm
any idea on what sort of cake you want to make and how you want to decorate it?

margyr, Apr 25, 12:04am -

tiogapass, Apr 25, 2:13am
try the Wilton website - also good for cup cake ideas.

chicco2, Apr 25, 4:19am
What age is the boy? What is he into? Does he have a favourite TV or movie character or sport? Have think about him and what he would say WOW to. Even something simple like a race track on top of a cake with a Hot whhels car for each guest to tahe home... birthday gets 1st choice, or you could do cupcakes with a car on each 1. Good luck and enjoy having a go. Cake decorating at any level is fun and rewarding.

chicco2, Apr 25, 4:37am
(edited spelling)

cdgsalter, Apr 25, 8:31am
thanks for all your ideas, its only his first birthday so he's not gonna know or care what the cake looks like, just wanted to do something special for the big number one! thank you margyr for the website, will check it out now

cap, Apr 25, 7:43pm
The first cake is the best because you get to choose lol! I usually borrow the Australian Womans Weekly cake book from the library and find the older version the best one.

cdgsalter, Apr 25, 10:45pm
i think thats the one i have cap, with a cool train cake on it. it was my mums and most of the cakes in there i had for my birthdays as a kid. might stick with the book i've got. thanks all

cliff609, Mar 6, 8:13am
coolest-birthday-cakes is one I visit regularly, am currently searching all the photos on there for a castle cake for mr 5's birthday. In the past I've used it for ideas to make a tank cake, a butterfly cake and a pizza cake.

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