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sarahb5, Feb 7, 3:41am
It has been suggested I might have a problem with candida so for 3 weeks to eliminate all refined carbs and sugars including fruit but I am stumped as to what I can have for breakfast - cereal and fruit is just so easy! I'm also lactose intolerant so can't have yoghurt because I don't have any lactose free yoghurt at the moment. Any ideas?

natalie9, Feb 7, 3:43am
Eggs yum...

doug57, Feb 7, 3:44am
sarah. . sheesh. . you're inviting trouble aren't you? ! LOL
Zip into the low carb recipes thread for brekky ideas!
Didn't you to sure slim once? . . maybe some of the brekky ideas that you ate then might be suitable?
But brekky just needs to be food of some description really. .could be cold meat and salads, it's just a case of thinking differently.
Avocado drizzled with balsamic, omelettes, mini quiches, boiled eggs.

doug57, Feb 7, 3:50am
http://forum. php? f=96

darlingmole, Feb 7, 4:36am
hey sarah - been there done that with candida ... the doctor thought because my (1st) marriage was crap and I had 4 kids aged 5 years and under that I needed something (ie; prozac) for the symptons of candida ... I said "so can you get wine on prescriptions these days? " and he cracked up. *I* on the other hand was disappointed and ended up being treated by a natropath.

Try crumpets (check the labels as there are some that are made without the sugar). It's amazing the amount of food with added sugar - like everything has it in it just about! You have to return to a natural whole food diet and do NOT have anything that's been fermented (soya sauce, worcester etc) or melons and certain cheese(the mould spores), no chicken and eggs unless they're free-range and you can completely forget alcohol!

There are these cracker things at the supermarket that are great (no sugar) but the name elludes me at the moment.

Try having egg white omelletes, kumara (very low g. i. ), crumpets etc. I'll grant you it's hard to begin with and initially you actually feel worse because you're body's craving the sugar (which has been helping make you feel bad anyway) but in the end you'll feel utterly re-energised, clear headed, re-focused and best of all ... slim!

Best of luck chick x

sarahb5, Feb 7, 5:01am
Yeah but I can't have eggs every day can I?

I know I will miss the wine but honestly if it makes me feel better (and my ears stop itching - another symptom which I've been to the doctor about repeatedly with no success) then it will be worth it!

And yes I did do Sureslim and felt really good when I did it as well as losing the weight so I think there's definitely something in this. I am going to make an appointment with a naturopath tomorrow as well.

sarahb5, Feb 7, 5:02am
And I don't know about crumpets - don't they have yeast in them?

darlingmole, Feb 7, 5:15am
It's not the yeast but the sugar you have to worry about Sarah and there is a brand of crumpet that doesn't have sugar in it (which is what keeps the candida alive).

Re your comment about not having eggs everyday - why not? If you're worried about the protein then just use the egg white (remember - free range as the regular chicken is pumped full of antibiotics and it's the old good versus bad flora cancelling each other out syndrom).

I had candida in my ears, mouth and stomach - to the point I had rashes on my skin (not sure of spelling but called rhyzoids). Other symptoms included bloating, depression, tearfulness, anger and perpetually feeling out of sorts. It sucks. And I've suffered from this on and off over the years so I know what I'm talking about

uli, Feb 7, 5:22am
Ok - crumpets are made from flour which will be turned into sugar in about 10 seconds flat in you stomach ...
A "natural whole food diet" would be vegetables, fish, salads, meat, eggs, chicken - all of which would be nice if organic. NO flour, pasta, rice, fruit, dried fruit, sugar, cakes, bread etc.
Eat LOTS of fermented veges (sauerkraut, fermented cucumbers etc)
However - No soy products at all.

For breakfast I usually eat yoghurt and LSA (ground up nuts) or bacon and eggs or anything left over from dinner (meat and veges - no carbs obviously).
Good luck!

uli, Feb 7, 5:23am
The yeast in the crumpets is
1. cooked and dead
2. another yeast to candida LOL :)

sarahb5, Feb 7, 11:59pm
Well that's good because I don't like the texture of crumpets anyway. I am off to the naturopath when I can get an appointment but in the meantime will be doing my best to cut out the carbs and sugar. I am lactose intolerant (or maybe not if candida is the problem) so try and avoid yoghurt if I can, and so many have sugar in as well - can't win! This morning I had eggs and spinach but I just didn't think it was healthy for your cholesterol to have too many eggs. Argh - bit of a nightmare ...

bedazzledjewels, Feb 8, 12:16am
Cholesterol and eggs is a myth Sarah. The establishment finally admitted it last year. So enjoy! I eat 4 a day and love them.

bedazzledjewels, Feb 8, 12:19am
Sarah - when you've got time, have a look at the Food Lies thread.
Link: asp
x? id=654

liamjosh, Feb 8, 12:43am
A bowl of chopped fresh fruit with natural yoghurt on top, grilled bacon and eggs, any type of eggs - poached, boiled, scrambled, omelette etc...

Just noticed that you are lactose intolerant (so maybe not yogurt) - edited

bidz, Feb 8, 12:57am
The fresh fruit would have sugar in it too. It truly is amazing where the sugar hides and in Sarah's case she would be advised to avoid all fruit, dried fruit, white flour and other more obvious sugar. Research points to the fact that diet alone is not enough and I would suggest supplementing with coconut oil (see coconut oil thread) or by taking capryllic acid available from Health 2000 etc.

houstylou, Feb 8, 12:58am
Crumpets are a big no-no.

gavin166, Feb 8, 1:05am
cheese omeletes... try different kinds of cheese - parmesan, blue, camambert, havarti. Grate on top, add harbs/black pepper, fold in half. Tomatoes too if you can have them.
Oh - just got the lactose bit - are you able to eat cheese? My lactose intolerant kids had some okay.

red2, Feb 8, 1:12am
chicken omlette , salad ( invent your own " brekky salad ! )

anglia, Feb 8, 1:24am
what are the benefits of capryllic acid? does it fight yeast infections?

purplegoanna, Feb 8, 1:34am
you can have as many eggs as you want, , limiting your egg intake is an old wives tall... .

dalbyj, Feb 8, 4:17am
Yes, caprylic acid is a natural anti fungal, as is garlic.

To poster #1, it might be a good idea for you to pop down to your local library and find a book or two on candida. Or you could check out this website: some ideas on what to eat and how to treat your candida. Best of luck to you!

sarahb5, Feb 8, 8:04am
I went to the health shop today - naturopath wasn't available until Wednesday but they were really helpful in there anyway - I now have Candaid and a probiotic to take and am trying as hard as I can to keep processed carbohydrates and sugars out of my diet for at least 3 weeks. I have a stonking headache though and think this may be sugar withdrawal or something. It also seems that lactose intolerance and candida can have similar symptoms so am trying some probiotic yoghurt tonight as well.

lythande1, Feb 8, 8:07am
Omelet with mushrooms, bacon or whatever.
Beans in sauce. Without the toast.
Fresh fruit.
Soup. (doesn't have to be traditional breakfast foods you know... . ), Feb 8, 8:17am
You're in detox. . you currently have a lot of toxins being released from your liver and other organs. . its a bit much for the body to take all at once and can give you flu like symptoms as the toxins are just that. . toxic to your body. Keep your water up and keep at it. . should pass in about 3-6 days.

uli, Jul 31, 7:03pm
Yep - carb withdrawal symptoms.

It is basically the same as any addiction. I never believed this (how can anyone be "addicted" to carbs ... ) - until I went "cold turkey" and cut out most carbs from 1 day to the next.

Took me a week and a half (the longest 10 days of my life I reckon ... ) of extreme withdrawal symptoms, headaches, spaced out feelings and cravings - until i was feeling good again.

However I was feeling so much better than before that I never went back onto the carb bandwagon. I would suggest you try the same :)
Very good luck to you!

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