best websites for buying wine

shelley39, Apr 24, 4:40am
I usually buy fron Truewines/wineday but would like to try someone else for buying wine,

chrisbarton, Apr 24, 4:46am - can pick and mix in case lots. most wines normally c$17 discounted to c$8-9. Sign up for their newsltter they email you specials once a week. - can see customer reviews. have to buy whole caseloads of one sort. Sign up for newsletter. get some good sav blanc specials
both these excellent. 2nd one more quality wine

lil_miss_haley, Apr 24, 4:46am
Vineonline has some good deals but I found a few of their wines aren't that great, but I've also found some great ones. Also the New Zealand Wine Society seems to have fantastic ones. There is also 1-dayceller but I haven't brought from them.

shelley39, Apr 24, 4:52am
I have got a few from 1-day celler. Both lots have been really nice wine. and under half price.

chrisbarton, Apr 24, 4:52am
also nz wine soc do good secret deals like the one thru the breeze:
$99 for mixed dozen. have taste guarantee too

chrisbarton, Apr 24, 4:53am
fair call on vineonline haley - have had a couple of duds. but lots of good ones but is more a "quaffers"website (i. e. me! )

lil_miss_haley, Apr 24, 6:52am
I think its always gunna be hit and miss with things like that, everyone has different tastes etc. But it is great, I love that you can mix your own case and the wine is so unbelievably cheap!

luckyduck, Apr 24, 9:07am
NZ wine society is a good one. I have bought from them and have not had any that I felt I would send back.

seniorbones, Apr 24, 12:14pm
dvintage has great specials

shelley39, Apr 25, 1:09am
thanks all. I have looked at vineonline and ordered a dozen. Their wine looks really good. Do you know if you have to get a dozen or can you buy as many as you like

neil_di, Mar 3, 9:40pm is very reliable and has a good selection.