Xmas Cupcake Brag

kiwitrish, Dec 17, 2:22am
Gorgeous.They will go down a treat.

nicole1011, Dec 17, 2:25am
They did, all 4 dozen of them lol
Although FYI pretzels and ganache are disgusting lol

lodgelocum, Dec 17, 2:35am
Very cute

ringtiger, Dec 17, 5:41am
they are great im going to do some but sml ones are they sml muffins i dont now how long to cook the sml bite size muffins for i have a 12 tin

nicole1011, Dec 17, 8:00pm
They are cupcake size, so in between muffins and minis.
Trial and error, these cupcakes took 20 minutes using hooksie's chocolate cake recipe.

lindylambchops1, Dec 17, 10:59pm
They look awesome!

juliewn, Dec 17, 11:20pm
Very cool. I smiled instantly. they're gorgeous :-)

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