Help with oven top coffee pot.

tigra, Dec 7, 11:00pm
Got one of those two cup aluminum coffee pots that you boil-upon the oven top and it sends boiling water up thorugh coffee grounds to the top section. Its been working well then all of a suddent its only making a half cup of coffee. Water is staying in the bottom section. You can hear it boiling OK so it seems like it is trying to do the job. I usually clean it out after every cup and throw away the residue grounds but wondering if something is blocked up somewhere. Have checked the various little nozzles andall look clear. Any suggestions before I "bin" it.

nauru, Dec 7, 11:27pm
It sounds as like there is a blockage somewhere.You could trysoaking all the bits & bobs in a solution of hot water and baking soda, just a thought .

lilyfield, Dec 8, 12:53am
make sure the pot is screwed on right. They make the best coffee , had mine for years and years.

tiogapass1, Dec 8, 1:17am
Check the seals.They do perish after a while and may need replacing.

tigra, Dec 8, 9:05pm
Thanks for the help so far. I'll try the soaking suggestion. I do know that if you put the main rubber seal in upside down (very easy to do) it doesnt work properly. But I've only had this a few months so am disappointed its not working properly. Even "the Boss'who claims to be able to do anything I cant do, couldnt make it work better.

magenta, Dec 8, 9:11pm
You may find that the holes in the coffee grounds container are blocked.They have tiny holes which can become really blocked with fine grounds.I had to clean our work one out after we bought some grounds which were too fine.I soaked and then had to use a fine needle to get it unblocked.It took ages, but has worked ever since.

tigra, Dec 8, 11:18pm
Yes that thought ran through my mind as well. Looks like the holes are clear but they may well be just slightly blocked. Interestingly I noticed that theTrade Aid (or what ever they call it) ground coffee seemed to be extra fine and seemd to coagulate much more in the coffee machine. And my problems only started after I bought this coffee. Might try blowing it out with compressed air. This probably on the right track.

tigra, Dec 8, 11:20pm
Agree about the quality. Best thing I have ever bought for coffee making and a very reasonable price too.

davidt4, Dec 8, 11:46pm
The fineness of the grind is quite likely the cause of the problem.I had the same thing with our Bialetti stovetop when we got a new grinder.The finest grind seemed to prevent some the water from passing up to the top receptacle, and once I turned the dial on the grinder down from 8 to 7.5 it fixed the problem.

cookessentials, Dec 9, 6:09am
On the bottom part that holds the water, you should see a little valve on the outside that looks a bit like a nut and bolt. This is a pressure valve. When you put the water in, it MUST be below this valve. Use medium to low heat on the hob and it should work properly. What brand do you have!

tigra, Dec 12, 10:06pm
Doesnt have a brand name on it but the box says "Italexpress" . Dont recall any instructions that came with it so wasnt aware of the need to keep water below the pressure valve. However if you fill it too high, water seeps through into the ground coffee container. Also I have always "cooked" it on High - dont like waiting for my first cup early in the morning.
Anyway after a through soak in Baking Soda (and clean)it now seems to be working OK again.

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