recipes and ideas for using protein powder please

alwaysbusy, Apr 22, 10:39pm
I have recently decided to build up the protein levels in my body (not for body building, just for general health) and bought some protein powder ( egg, and also whey)I have used it to make an omelet, fish fritters, in a banana smoothie, and mixed some in my porridge. Can anyone please give me some recipes or ideas (or useful web sites) of how else I can use this stuff. Many thanks in advance.

lilyfield, Apr 22, 11:10pm
if you bake bread- add a tbsp. to the mix

alwaysbusy, Apr 22, 11:17pm
Thanks for that idealilyfield - I was wondering when someone would come up with any suggestions:-)

buzzy110, Apr 23, 12:11am
Well. This is interesting. Can you tell me how taking protein powder is going to build up your "protein levels" without actually damaging your liver? What is the process by which taking protein powder will build up your body proteins?

I'd be really really interested in your response because the amount of protein your body (muscle mass) has is not necessarily dependent on dietary protein.

You realise that you can eat as many eggs as you want without any noticeable ill effects so why take them in a powder?

Did you also know that if you are adding it to high carbohydrate foods, (i. e. bananas, bread, porridge) you will definitely be increasing, not your muscle mass, but your stored fat levels.

Anyway, there are many other questions raised by your statement that I just cannot include them here.

alwaysbusy, Feb 23, 9:41pm
I am still doing a lot of reading about this subject so I don't have all the answers. Thanks for your comments though - extra information is always useful.

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