A butter question.

sushi.bird, Nov 27, 3:38am
is there a brand of butter that is lighter in color than the rest! im going to make white butter cream icing.

davidt4, Nov 27, 3:46am
If you can find Italian or French butter it will be much paler than NZ butter; Italian butter is almost white.Danish Lurpak is paler than NZ butter and readily available.

themillers1, Nov 27, 7:03am
I can't find any of those anywhere in Christchurch.would love to try some

davidt4, Nov 27, 8:00pm
Lurpak is on the shelves of most New Worlds and Countdowns - have a look at one of the bigger New Worlds.

tjman, Nov 27, 9:18pm
Lurpak and it's blooming nice! Expensive but nice.

annie.nz, Nov 27, 9:21pm
Ask around, you need Lurpak if you want anything other than yellow-coloured icing.I tried it a few months ago when I wanted a delicate pink for a doll cake, and couldn't get anything other than a rather loud apricot using NZ butter.New World have it here in Wellington - try a NW in Fendalton or Papanui, and ask if they can get it.

You can stick the leftovers in the freezer for next time.I don't much like the taste of it, I prefer NZ butter for normal use.

village.green, Nov 27, 10:34pm
I think once you start incorporating air into it, it does lighten up considerably, but I agree with above poster, Lurpak is lighter and I think about $7.

purplegoanna, Nov 28, 1:09am
i have some glass jars if u want them.ive picked out the sizes i use.heaps left

sarahb5, Nov 28, 5:11am
I've always found unsalted butter to be slightly paler than salted - not sure why but Lurpak is unsalted so maybe it's not just a coincidence

davidt4, Nov 28, 5:23am
Lurpak is available salted and unsalted.I've never noticed any difference in the colour.

sarahb5, Nov 28, 5:25am
Have only ever seen (used/tasted) unsalted Lurpak - never even look for it these days as it's too expensive and I actually like New Zealand butter but my mum used to use it

tjman, Nov 28, 5:57am
Thank you purple, that's very kind of you I cant beliieve it, but I have just gone out and bought a load ready to make my nectarine chutney.!

macandrosie, Nov 28, 6:06am
I agree with villag.green, the more you beat it - the paler it gets so give it heaps!

waswoods, Nov 28, 7:04am
And you can get icing whitener that will make your icing white

purplegoanna, Nov 29, 8:29pm
no worrys.

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