Smoked Bacon Bones....

redrustie, Apr 22, 6:04am
I bought some yesterday but have no idea what to do with them! ! ! any idea's and yummy recipes please! !

jasongroves, Apr 22, 6:04am
Could be used in almost any soup or stock...

redrustie, Apr 22, 6:42am
Is there anything else? They seem too good to go into soup!

redrustie, Apr 22, 6:43am
Oh, and any nice soup recipes? ? ?

jasongroves, Apr 22, 7:26am
HEAPS of great soup ideas here: php? f=22

jasongroves, Apr 22, 7:28am
If you have quite a few, I would be inclined to make stock out of some of them. Then you can use the stock to flavour just about anything, like rice, casseroles, soups, pasta dishes... the list is almost endless.

jasongroves, Apr 22, 7:31am

beblowin, Apr 23, 7:13am
haha why buy them if you dont know how to cook them? boil up bro, watercress and puha and doughboys yummm... ...

wahinetoa62, Apr 23, 8:07am
yep just boil with some watercress (or if you can use cabbage but not the same) and some peeled spuds and doughboys... mmmm the bestest ever. .

anne1955, Apr 23, 8:13am
Almost siding with belowin But I more than often use the good old Kind Soup Mix currently on coupon till Sunday the either Minastrone, Pea and ham, and actually think there is a bacon and corn now but even though I love these two things together this mix never smoked my tyres... tossed all in slower cooker and then pulled out bones and suck thewhat ever out of them. . granted a lot of meat should have fallen off into soup but if you not eating then just as bacon bones which I either slow cook and then eat or boil slowly and eat but always wastes the stock from it. . and that is a sin. . so use the stock as a base for either home made soup, stew but please don't waste. . freeeze until you find a use... they are a treasure especially if they have a great amount of meat on them. . for just straight pork bones same or slow rost with a nice maranide... excuse sp please. . yummy will swap my desert for this. . or some of it... haha

wetwillie1, Apr 25, 11:44pm
how do you make doughboys or can you buy them already

fisher, Apr 26, 12:20am
Fisher's Famous Bacon Bone Soup
Smoked bacon bones can be quite salty so it is advisable to wash thoroughly before cooking...
5-8 meaty bacon bones. . soup mix. . 2 bay leaves. . salt. . white pepper. . black pepper corns crushed. . onion salt. . oregano. . soy sauce. . swede. . potatoes. . carrots. . celery. . 3 onions. . capsicum. . spring onions. .
Place your bacon bones in a large stock pot and cover with water. Bring water to boil and turn down to simmer for 60 mins. .
Remove the bones and remove all the meat. . With "fresh" water, place meat with King's soup mix and bring to boil. Then Simmer for 20 mins... Fresh water to remove fat and saltiness. . Meanwhile, wash and peel your vegetables and place "ALL" the peelings in a large pot. Cover with water add little salt, pepper and a dash of soy sauce and boil hard. . Strain the liquid from the peelings into the soup mix pot and discard the peelings...
Place half the chunky diced veges into a saucepan with a little salt and black pepper and boil until tender... Drain 95% of water into the stock pot and puree the veges with hand wand , then set aside.
To Main stock pot, add white pepper ( no salt ), onion salt, oregano, crushed pepper corns, bay leaves and balance of uncooked chunky vegetables...
Cover and let simmer for 40 mins. Add pureed veges and stir in well. Simmer for further 10 mins and soup should thicken up.
NOW'S the time to taste it and season if needed... .
Serve with real fresh bread and lashings of butter... .
Swede and Celery are a MUST. . ! ! ! !

fisher, Apr 26, 12:22am
Dough Boys
Place 2 cups self raising flour and pinch salt into a bowl. Add water and make into a HARD dough. Kneed out and cut into strips 3cm wide. Rip bits off and flatten with fork and add to boiling pot. Stir to make sure they do not stick together. Glad-wrap the extra uncooked dough~freeze and thaw for next time.
11/2 cups flour1 tsp baking powderpinch salt50g buttermilk and water to mix.
Sift flour, baking powder and salt together.
Rub in butter and mix to a soft dough with milk and water
Drop spoonfuls on boiling stew and cook 10 mins with lid off and then 10 mins with lid on saucepan or casserole dish until dumplings are fluffy. .
You can add a crumbled beef oxo cube or chicken oxo cube depending on the dish you are making. .
Alternatively you can add a 1 tsp of mixed herbs ~ a variety of herbs ~ or some fine chopped parsley for that seafood chowder...
Dumplings can be put into a variety of dishes and made with various additions to enhance those dishes. .
Bacon ~ Chicken ~ Chilli ~ Surimi ... etc etc
Can also be made with Corn Meal added...

wetwillie1, Apr 26, 12:52am
thank you fisher, I was hoping you would reply :)I made the Hangi in the crockpot with stuffing over the weekend and have heaps left over and was wondering if i should attempt a bit of a kiwi boil up with the left overs maybe boiling up some bones in a seperate pot then chucking everything in? any advice on that one?

fisher, Apr 26, 1:32am
What were the ingredients in the "Hangi in the crockpot with stuffing" first ? ? Quick rundown of what you did...

wetwillie1, Apr 26, 1:38am
potatos in the botton, chicken on the top, packed all around the chicken, pumpkin, carrots, kumara added liquid smoke for smokey taste and cooked all day, just fell to bits but still half a chicken left over and lots of veges although a mit mushy now

wetwillie1, Apr 26, 1:39am
oh forgot added cabbage leaves over the whole thing and one packet of stuffing that crisped up somehwat over the whole cabbage leaves

fisher, Mar 5, 5:56am
see the other thread