Dairy free cheeses - any good ones??

unicstudent, Apr 21, 1:11am
Hello, I am dairy free and have only found one rather ghastly Australian soy cheese, very processed looking, rather like chesdale cheese. Does anyone know of any good/tasty ones? Especially suitable for the likes of pizza, polenta, baking etc? Thanks in advance :)

barloo, Apr 21, 1:35am
try goats cheeses:)

barloo, Apr 21, 1:36am
look in the specialty cheese section for cheeses made from other animals. Goat, Buffalo etc

unicstudent, Apr 21, 2:09am
Oh thankyou barloo. Do these type of products not have lactose in them?

frances1266, Apr 21, 2:56am
Cheezly is quite good. It does not taste exactly like cheese on its own but is fine on pizza etc and it melts well. The Safe shop I think has some faux cheese slices and Cheezly as well.

eigna, Sep 17, 7:08am
I buy goats cheese from our local Italian supplies place (Mediterranean Food Warehouse).It is a cheese quite similar to an edam and is perfect for e.g putting in toasted sandwiches.It is called Peccorino Dolce Di Sardegn.There are all sorts of goats and ewes cheeses.Most of them have a slightly stronger taste than cows cheeses.

juli55, Mar 27, 9:02am
Harami (sp) = sheep's cheese.Feta = goat's milk.Check out local supermarket.