Sour cream and pickle dip

pickles7, Nov 2, 6:48pm
We had this at bowls the other day. It was very nice.
Sour cream with Cerebos corn relish mixed into it, to taste.
So easy and nice.

nauru, Nov 2, 7:27pm
Also good made with mustard pickle or gherkin relish

nik12, Nov 3, 12:50am
You sure it was sour cream! I do it with cream cheese. it's divine with beetroot relish too.
Oh and good in sandwiches!

pickles7, Nov 3, 2:10am
yes, it was sour cream.

dbab, Nov 3, 3:04am
Sour cream works, as does cream cheese, or a mixture of both.
Fun to try different pickles and relishes to find your favourite.

245sam, Nov 3, 3:29am
Another very quick and easy, nice and popular too, combo is sour cream + Wattie’s Wok Creations Stir Fry Sauce, particularly the Sweet Chilli and Lime variant - I understand that yoghurt can be used instead of sour cream but I haven't tried that variation.:-))

nik12, Nov 3, 8:36am
Hmm, will have to try with sour cream for sure! Don't think that would work quite as well in ham sandwiches though, might be a bit runny!

pickles7, Nov 3, 8:40am
it is a dip,not a sandwich filling.

nik12, Nov 3, 9:12am
Lol, I know. but it's only me in the house that likes my cream cheese one, so if there are leftovers I get creative :-)

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