Do you think that sour cream ....

skata, May 25, 2:15am
Use by date 23/5 - last Sunday - will be okay. I bought it today from local dairy and before I knew it was past it's use by date had put in tonight's beef stroganoff. Damn! !

tixy, May 25, 2:25am
I'd eat it. Then I would take the container back to the dairy for my refund!

245sam, May 25, 2:36am
skata, the date(s) on such products as sour cream, cream cheese, yoghurt are usually 'Best Before' and not 'Use By'. Assuming that your sour cream has been kept refrigerated at all times it will be absolutely ok because, providing that dairy products such as cream cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, etc. are kept refrigerated they are 'good as' up to and often beyond 1 month past the date shown on the product. IMO sight and smell are the best way to judge whether or not the product(s) is/are ok - obviously if the product is a strange colour and/or is mouldy and/or smells 'off' then IMO there's no question re whether or not it's ok, I'm sure you can feel free to relax and enjoy your beef stroganoff. :-))

tixy, May 25, 2:40am
245Sam - that was my opinion too (too lazy to write it all down! ) I always think of the Use By date as a suggestion!

wasgonna, May 25, 3:16am
And don't forget ... sour cream is already off, otherwise it would be just cream. LOL

rarogal, May 25, 3:25am
Yes, I've used it later than that.

skata, May 25, 3:30am
Okay, thanks all, can eat dinner now in confidence that I won't make everyone sick.

earthangel4, Jun 5, 9:45pm
Thanks so much for that