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winnie15, Jan 20, 7:52am
i love this idea!

sqiff, Jan 20, 8:08am
I have just started using coconut oil mainly for cooking cabbage, spinach etc.and have noticed you get the flavour of the coconut in the veges which is quite nice so am wondering does it flavourthe food when using it for baking vmax2! I would love to know what else you use the oil for please as it is quite pricey so don't want to waste it.

vmax2, Jan 20, 9:21pm
I don't bake, or very rarely so can't remember if it flavours the food but don't think so.I buy it 20L at a time so always have heaps of it.It gets used a lot on my body - hair, face, body, teeth.Great healer of cuts, scrapes etc.But basically for cooking you can use it for anything you would oil or butter.Nice in meat - over a roast without much natural fat in it.Stir frying, eggs, anything really.

sqiff, Jan 21, 3:35am
Thanks for that vmax2. I googled it and you are right about being able to use it for heaps of things.

gingercrush, Jan 21, 3:38am
lol @ people that read propoganda. Also if you think cooking oils are evil then surely carb loading is evil too. The idea of oil in baking has always seemed somewhat wrong so I use butter. Though when things were toucher fat was used.

sarahb5, Jan 21, 4:55am
I use oil in my muffins because they seem to stay fresher for longer than when I use butter

lenart, Jan 21, 7:16pm
I also don't use butter and found that macadamia oil is delicious in muffins and other baking. It compliments the taste of baking. It is quite expensive, but I don't use it much anyway. Very healthy as well and recommended for pastries. I also like adding it to porridge.

mackenzie2, Jan 21, 7:58pm
gingercrush wrote:
lol @ people that read propoganda.

Totally agree, I use plain oil for baking, and get wonderful results.

kimmac, Jan 21, 8:36pm
Oyls oil which is a fruit and nut oils, neutral flavour

pommyjohn1, Jan 29, 2:13am
After this post I have been looking for coconut oil without success, where can you buy it

vmax2, Jan 29, 2:17am

nauru, Jan 29, 5:50am
I use rice bran oil too in most thing.It is great in mayonnaise as you don't get that oily taste and I find olive oil gives a strong taste.

gardie, Jan 29, 6:13am
Yep - rice bran or grapeseed.Usually rice bran as its cheaper but I still keep an eye out for grapeseed on special.

thewomble1, Jan 29, 7:55am
palm oil

angel404, Jan 29, 8:23am
I use coconut oil in my baking. I cant taste the coconut flavour but sometimes others can.

alyttle, Oct 24, 9:42pm
i see on here alot of people use oil instead of butter just woundering what type to use! im not very good at baking so hardley ever do it but thought id try some banana muffins

sarahb5, Oct 24, 10:16pm
For any recipe that needs melted butter I find it easier to use oil - same weight or volume as butter.I use sunflower or rice bran oil, depending on my budget.

alyttle, Oct 24, 10:20pm
cool thanks sarahb5 might hold of till do shoping then as i only have olive oil or canola

sarahb5, Oct 24, 10:50pm
Olive oil I find too flavoured for baking but that could be just me because I buy the extra virgin olive oil (too good and expensive for baking anyway).I used to use canola but apparently the process by which it is made is not the best so I've switched to sunflower if I can't afford rice bran oil.

vmax2, Oct 24, 10:59pm

vmax2, Oct 24, 10:59pm

alyttle, Oct 24, 11:20pm
wow thanks vmax2 my canola is now in the rubbish bag lol. also just woundering if anyone uses oil in banana bread/loaf instead off butter!

korban, Oct 24, 11:36pm
I use Rice Bran - it has no taste

vmax2, Oct 24, 11:37pm
The only oil I will use for cooking is coconut oil.Olive oil gets used for salad dressings.Every other oil is of dubious quality (hydrogenated, trans fats) or requires no heat (flax seed oil)

alphadave, Oct 25, 1:22am
I use apple sauce to replace any oil/butter in muffins cakes etc.

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