Banana Muffins without egg??

jtonkin, Sep 19, 5:35am
Anyone know of a recipe for banana muffins that don't use egg (sorry I don't have an egg!) tight budget, want to see if I can use what I have...

gardie, Sep 19, 5:36am
Use the normal recipe but use golden syrup in place of an egg and reduce the sugar slightly.You could google "egg replacements" and see what else comes up.

ferita, Sep 19, 6:54am
banana actually can be used as an egg replacement

dbea5t, Sep 19, 7:00am
Vegetable oil can be substituted for an egg too. I use two tablespoons.

littlememories, Sep 19, 7:40am
oh great!I have a son allergic to egg also so great question.

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