angel361, Oct 10, 5:24am
Am attemptiing one of Jamie Olivers pasta recipies tonight that contains i fresh red chilli (I could only get a green one at the says finely slice your chilli (halve and deseed it first if you dont want the sauce too hot).If I used the whole deseeded green chilli do you think it would be too hot, I dont want to ruin the sauce.It is for one adult and two children that have a reasonable pallet for hot food, thanks

davidt4, Oct 10, 6:22am
Chillis vary enormously in heat, and generally (but not always)smaller means hotter.The colour doesn't indicate heat, but ripeness.The only way to know how hot a chilli is is to taste a tiny piece.Unless it's a specialst super-hot chilli like a Habanero or Scotch Bonnet I would certainly put a whole deseeded chilli in a dish to feed three people, and we don't enjoy super-hot food.

angel361, Oct 10, 6:25am
thanks davidt4

nala2, Oct 10, 6:48am
Over the last few years supermarkets have had chillis for sale (red and green) with virtually no heat at all. All chillis should be treated with caution but you do need to taste test and adjust, if needed with flakes or powder.

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