yddac, Apr 19, 7:55pm
Whats happened to the old fashion bacon? Can anyone recommend a nice tasty bacon? All the bacon we seem to get lately seems to be full of water and no taste.

cookessentials, Apr 19, 8:04pm

cookessentials, Apr 19, 8:08pm
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angie117, Apr 19, 8:09pm
We like the Hellers sensational middle eye bacon.

kiwitrish, Apr 19, 8:16pm
Have to agree with you. How do they get all that water in the bacon?

yddac, Apr 19, 8:49pm
Prices are also quite a jump from one product to another. Any idea of prices with these bacon's?

holdenss, Apr 20, 3:35am
You need to find a good old fashion Butchery there yddac, Cant help you up In Auckland, but theres some good ones down in CHCH.

leonhouses, Apr 20, 3:41am
Kiwi Heritage Triple Smoked - not the cheapest by any means but very good.

holdenss, Apr 20, 3:43am
Not a butcher myself, but I did Witness the process once, where they chuck the Pork in a Metal bin, gets salted and a amount of water is added and the Bin rocks back and forth for quite a while till the meat absorbs the water and extends there profits.

fisher, Apr 20, 5:02am
get ya local farmer to chop ya a hunk of leg or pork belly for streaky. .
Place in a brine for a week and then remove for a day to dry. .
This is called green bacon... Slice it up and then "cook"/'smoke" it in your smoker. . slowly for 5 hours and you'll get that ole days
REAL bacon... . (dont worry about the greeny tinge on the rind... )

vintagekitty, Apr 20, 5:15am
Havoc Farm is the best bacon ever

glendeb, Feb 18, 12:42am
I have recently tried HomeBrand Bacon. Its reasonably priced, and is not full of water.

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