left over fresh fruit...

goldgurl, Feb 8, 3:42am
so the kids have been coming home with pears, nectarines, apples and plums with one or two bites taken out of them - don't blame them as apart from the pears, the rest of it taste REALLY bland - can't beleive the LACK of quality there is in the fruit they sell in NZ.

Anyway... I used to just 'biff' it in the bin... but surely there is a recipe I can make using all of the above? ? Such a waste!

jaybee2003, Feb 8, 4:24am
Fruit salad jam - and add passionfruit to it for extra flavour.

Upside down pudding.

Stew them with apple, mix in passionfruit pulp, and give it to them at breakfast to go with their cereal.

Fruit shortcake slice, sprinking the fruit with jelly crystals for extra flavour/sweetness - could even make for dessert.

Fruit salad pie: Line dish with short sweet pastry, slice in fruit, adding to it with apples, sprinkle the jelly crystals (will add not only flavour to the bland ripened off the tree or imported flavourless fruit! , but also add colour appeal, and sweetness) pop pastry on top and bake. Fruit salad pie.

Stew, and use in muffin mixture, adding a spice perhaps cinnamon. Surprise them by adding a small dollop of nutella spread in the centre of the muffins - especially if you have used pear or peach.

Stew, drain juices and add to sausage meat, along with soft breadcrumbs, maybe even some mince etc... make rissoles or meat balls.

Add to chicken stuffing.

jaybee2003, Feb 8, 4:27am
OR grill/bake/BBQ: chop fruits roughly into oven proof dish, single layer - or spike onto kebab sticks - sprinkle with brown sugar, cinnamon, and grill, serving with icecream and shredded fresh mint leaves.

goldgurl, Feb 8, 4:40am
thanks JayB! !

I've got some passionfruit pulp - and some short sweet pastry in the freezer & jelly crystals (btw - what a great TIP! ! ) - will make the Fruit Salad Pie...

Just one question though... do I really 'just' sprinkle the jelly crystals on the fruit... don't I need some liquid?

jubellsrose, Feb 8, 4:48am
jelly crystals is just flavoured sugar so no water needed.

jaybee2003, Feb 8, 4:50am
Hi goldgurl - No, no need for extra liquid. There will be enough moisture in the fruit itself. I usually sprinkle a little custard powder on the pastry base with a fruit pie, it seems to help absorb some of the moisture and stop the base being soggy. Depending on the fruit, (say if lots of bitter plums) you may want to add a wee bit of sugar too. Have fun creating! :-)

pickles7, Feb 8, 4:50am
ask them to pick up the fruit others throw on the ground, on the way home. .

goldgurl, Feb 8, 5:00am
LMFAOooOoo! ! Umm no thanks lol. Already trying to psych myself up to use my own kids left over fruit lol.

goldgurl, Feb 8, 5:04am
*waaaaa* what about all the geletine? ?

Sooooo does that mean I can use jelly crystals to rim my magarita glasses? ? ? ? Have been wondering where I would fine orange or strawberry sugar... now I KNOW! ! !

lol - bugger the fruit... I need a magarita LOL

pickles7, Feb 8, 5:58am
yeah, just the thing for the party coming up in Brazil... . . My grandson is picking fruit at the moment, he said if he gets a real ripe fruit he takes a bite and chucks it... . .

pam.delilah, Feb 8, 6:21am
cut them into cubes and fold in to muffin mix before baking

Fruit Salad Muffins


100g butter melted
1 cup milk
1 egg
2 cups flour
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 x 225g can fruit salad in juice or syrup (drained) or fresh fruit salad


Mix butter, milk and egg together.
Add the dry ingredients and just lightly combine, don’t overmix.
Oil spray or grease muffin trays.
Spoon mixture into trays to fill up to 1/3 full.
Add 1 tablespoon of fruit salad on top of mixture, then cover fruit salad with remaining mixture.
Bake for 10 - 15 minutes at 200oC.
Cool a few minutes in trays then tip out onto a wire rack to cool further.

Makes 12

sweetie9, Feb 8, 6:28am
yum fresh fruit you can make a fruit salad and add pineapple juice

goldgurl, Feb 8, 6:57am
Nope - these all had the same flavour... BITTER lol.

Will go with the sweet short pastry, jelly crystal fruit pie :)

Some really yummy ideas though! !

joeygirl76, Aug 1, 8:09pm
chuck it in a blender with some fruit juice or yogurt and make a smoothie :-)

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