Where can i find good cheap sausages?

caitlin, Oct 12, 11:35pm
I've been shopping at countdown and paknsave lately, and i can't find good sausages!I went to Nosh (i live in Hamilton) and got some yummy ones, but they really aren't cheap :-/.Does any one have any suggestions where to get some good ones!I was thinking maybe there is a good website or local producer or! thank you!

lodgelocum, Oct 12, 11:43pm
It is very hard to get a good sausage these days, I bought some from Aussie Butcher the other day and they all split when cooking, very annoyed.I have however found the Hellers ones from Pak n Save to be ok.Good old fashioned butchers are probably the best bet.

kay141, Oct 12, 11:53pm
I don't think good and cheap go in the same sentence for sausages. Cheap ones are full of filler and very little meat. Good ones are not cheap. I get mine at the market but they cost about $1 per sausage. I don't like Hellers anything. I did try Brights from the supermarket some time ago and they were OK. Not sure if they are still around.

wasgonna, Oct 13, 12:28am
You have to pay through the nose for decent sausages and that's if the butcher knows how to make them. I wouldn't touch anything from the supermarket as the sausages labelled beef flavoured or pork flavoured don't have any meat in them. They are made of Soy and flavouring to taste like meat.

2040, Oct 13, 12:37am
the best ever sausages are from Pokeno Bacon at Pokeno. They do have some outlets in other places such as at the square in Cambridge. not cheap but you wont find any sausages that are cheap and good.

antoniab, Oct 13, 1:13am
Agree with Kay - good and cheap dont go in the same sentence when talking about sausages but agree that the 'Brights' brand at pak n scab are the best (highest meat content).
We have started making our own luckily as hubby is a keen hunter :)

fifie, Oct 13, 1:35am
Best hope is at the butchers or markets for good sausages.Nothings cheap in meat any more,i always leave them overnight before cooking and they are great, if to fresh they split open. You get what you pay for.

mjhdeal, Oct 13, 1:59am
Pokeno have my vote too! We drive down from Aucks to buy them. I recommend going on a Sunday, buy your sausages, then cross the road to the market and buy the BEST mussel-fritter sandwiches ever made ($5, two fritters in homemade bread).

caitlin, Oct 13, 6:26am
thanks guys. i was aware that i was pushing my luck looking for both cheap AND good but i thought perhaps some one could share an amazing tip with me.Will have to check out pokeno!

kay141, Oct 13, 6:29am
Good try. If you find some, we would all like to know.

vintagekitty, Oct 13, 6:52am
what filler goes into sausages!

nfh1, Oct 13, 7:01am
Wheat, rusks etc and probably lots of stuff I don't even want to think about.

village.green, Oct 13, 8:41am
My old local butcher showed me the standard 'filler/binder' that went into his sausages and it was basically rice flour and he said he halved what he was supposed to put in and put in extra meat.
I think if you are after a cheap and good sausage don't get anything that says 'pork flavoured' 'beef flavoured' as it probably doesn't contain much of the pork or beef. I think you would want at least 70% meat in them!
Good luck finding one, unless you make your own ie sausage shaped minced meat, herbs etc.

lythande1, Oct 13, 7:40pm
I'm quite happy with Aussie Butcher sausies. Cheap enough.
Not keen on the sort where they're quite lumpy. And they need fat, these ones with minimal fat just don't cook well, and it's easy enough to grill and drain excess fat off them.