The best South African Corn Bread Recipe

basange, Sep 19, 7:09am
This recipe is a winner at BBQ's and is almost fool proof.(by saying that I have never messed it up. Just Too Easy to make!
this makes one loaf

½ cup milk
1 tin Cream style Sweet corn
1 cup flour
1 cup Maize meal (Available at International Sections at countdown etc)
¼ cup suger
3 Tsp baking powder
½Tsp salt

Preheat oven to 150C or 330 F

Mix all ingredients in order as above.
Place in bread tin which has been sprayed with non stick oil spray, or rubbed with butter.
Bake at 180 C for 35-45 min
"Poke a knife into the middle to see if dough is cooked after 35 min.
Remove bread from Bread Tin and place on wire cooling rack for 15 min before cutting. spread some marg or butter on warm slices, yum yum, thekids will go nuts for this stuff.

elliehen, Sep 19, 7:36am
Did you use coarse maize meal!I like the gritty one:)It's good with chill beans too.

uli, Oct 17, 8:15am
I did the above corn bread for some wwoofers the other night (left the sugar out though) and added chopped onions and chilli - the absolute hit! Thanks basange for posting this.

wasa171, Oct 18, 10:10pm
if you add a hand full of cheese and a dash of garlic salt and microwave on high for 7 min its even better

davidt4, Oct 18, 11:38pm
Why do you think that microwaving will improve it!

uli, Oct 19, 3:31am
Wondered that myself - but cannot try it out as I never had a microwave.

basange, Oct 19, 9:39am
if you add 1/2 cup sugar it tastes even better, this won a cook off at work the cook off had 20 voters and 7 entries. Don't deviate some did and they lost.