babe37, Oct 18, 10:59pm
i have lost my recipe for this great cheecake. I do know that the tin of milk must be really cold. Can anyone please help me with this.

nanasee1, Oct 18, 11:20pm
From a very old recipe book
1 lemon jelly, 1 cup castor sugar, tin evapourated milk (well chilled) 3/4 c boiling water, juice 2 lemons, 8 oz cream cheese (250g)
Dissolve jelly in the water and add the lemon juice. Beat the milk, cheese & sugar together. Add the jelly and mix through. Pour over biscuit base.

gardie, Oct 19, 7:03am
Similar to above but beat cream cheese and sugar till smooth.Whip ice cold milk till thick then fold through cream cheese mix and jelly mix (cooled).Ingredients the same (although I tend not to use quite so much water - just enought to dissolve the jelly).Also - can use normal sugar.

nickyd, Oct 20, 5:05am
Here's mine-
No bake Lemon Cheesecake-best overnight

Crumb crust- 1 pkt malt biscuits (250g) crushed
175g butter, melted
Press into an 8”spring form tin, use a cream bottle to press into tin.Refrigerate.

Note:I find there is always far too much filling for an 8” base, so maybe a 9”would be a better bet, but may need more biscuit crumb mix!


1 85g pkt Lemon jelly
1 ½ C chilledevaporated milk
¾ C boiling water
220g cream cheese –room temperature
¼ C lemon juice
1 C castor sugar
1 D grated lemon rind
1 t vanilla essence

Dissolve jelly in water.Add lemon juice and rind.Cool slightly.
Beat chilled evap milk until thick.
Beat cream cheese until smooth.Blend in sugar and essence.
Add beaten milk, then fold in jelly mixture
Add yellow food colouring if desired.
Pour into prepared base.

Refrigerate several hours or overnight.

indy95, Nov 17, 3:06am
Bumped for hoffy10.

linette1, Nov 17, 3:13am
If you can be bothered doing it because the biscuits are hard to crush, gingernuts make a very nice base.

camper18, Nov 17, 3:25am
Same filling except swap the lemon for a tin of crushed pineapple. dissolve the jelly in the hot juice and make up to ¾c with water. Partially set int the fridge then add to the creamed mix.

hoffy10, Nov 17, 3:45am
Thank you for the recipes just what i am looking for.

alottavino, Dec 4, 1:46am
Babe37 is away, but has asked me to thank you all

guest, Jan 11, 10:51am
This makes evreithyng so completely painless.

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