Whole Coconut

angel404, Sep 18, 7:33am
So Ive got one. What should I do with it! (provided i can get the blimmen thing open lol)

jessie981, Sep 18, 8:26am
Drill hole in end & empty milk out. Get a hammer & bash. Left overs put out for birds.

poppy62, Sep 18, 9:01am
What left-overs!You wouldnt eat the husk and neither would the birds I would think!

jessie981, Sep 18, 9:40am
Left overs being the shell & inners. Birds clean them out.

poppy62, Sep 18, 9:52am
We eat the inners!Fabulous coconut pancakes - mmm.

village.green, Sep 18, 8:21pm
Agree with jessie, get a hammer and something pointed and make holes in the 'eyes' you need at least two preferably three. Pour out the coconut water, if it's 'off' you will know from the smell and taste, you might also need to strain it. Lovely to drink, in fact they make sports drinks out of it now because of the electrolytes (I think!). Then drop it a few times onto concrete and it will break open.
Carefully put a knife under the flesh and lift out and eat - delicious. Sadly it's a bit hit and miss with fresh coconuts, half the time they are off by the time they arrive in the shops. Good luck with yours. I would love to have a fresh one off the tree so maybe if I ever go to the islands.

angel404, Sep 19, 8:11am
So i managed to get the water out but my mum said it tasted sour. We dont even know what its supposed to taste like lol so dont know if its off or not!

jessie981, Sep 19, 8:27am
The milk was sour or the white husk angel!

village.green, Sep 19, 8:57am
Shouldn't taste sour, should be very sweet, if that helps.

angel404, Sep 20, 4:25am
The milk

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