Anyone remember deep fried chips?

skidz6, Sep 9, 11:43pm
My Mum used to buy these pasta like things & when you throw them in the hot oil they blow up like muncho chips, similar to the blue packet of skoffs. Does anyone know if they still sell them!

samsnan, Sep 9, 11:51pm
Were they called "Taties"!

245sam, Sep 9, 11:53pm
skidz6, I do remember those "chips" - I think they were called 'Taties' and were sold under the Diamond (as in pasta) brand name.I don't know if they are still available - I checked Countown's website and they don't appear to be there, definitely not under the name 'Taties'.:-))

skidz6, Sep 10, 12:16am
Thanks guys dont remember what they were called. Just a childhood memory & would love to try again.

geldof, Sep 10, 12:23am
Our Bin inn in Hamilton has them.

ninya, Sep 10, 12:24am
I remember eating these as a kid, definitely Taties.I bet if I tasted them now I'd think they are disgusting.

juliewn, Sep 10, 2:22am
I've seen them in bags at Bin Inn too, maybe other bulk bin places have them too.

actiongirl1, Sep 10, 4:25am
Simply Foods in Oamaru has them, in the bulk bins.

dibble35, Sep 10, 5:54am
Yep Bin Inn, had some about 4 months ago. not as good as i remember as a kid. But my nephew loved them. must be a kid thing.

angel404, Sep 10, 7:19am
Our Binn Inn has them as well. They are still real yum with a bit of salt added :)

wheelz, Sep 10, 8:09am
Never liked them.wouldn't enjoy them now.

irenew, Sep 10, 9:41am
I loved them as a kid!Would probably make me ill now thoug lol.

tonsta2, Sep 10, 10:31am
Bin inn, and you can cook them in a popcorn maker. My kids don't like them though.

nauru, Sep 11, 6:22am
Yes, Binn Inn, saw them in there the other day.

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