Deep-fried 1kg block of cheese.....

jimi9, Oct 14, 11:32pm
lol whatever floats your boat a

pepa, Oct 15, 12:18am
ewww gross

no1niki, Oct 15, 7:01am
*gag's* That's just wrong lol....

fruitluva2, Oct 5, 1:32am
yes Uli, I find it outrageous

kate777, Oct 5, 2:12am
Unique method of suicide.

uli, Oct 5, 4:13am
But is it for real? Do people actually do it - and eat it? ... I remember when the deep-fried Mars bars were discussed here I always thought it a joke until I saw a picture of it in a newspaper one day with a report ... Must live a sheltered life here.

valentino, Oct 5, 4:24am
Hmmm, next will be "Deep Fried Frozen Coca Cola" or whatever.... Gosh, ways of doing things are overboard in this area.... Yuuuuccckkkkk!!!!!!!! Bad enough in zapping thick chunks of cheese on toast or a saucer in a microwave.

lil_miss_haley, Oct 5, 4:29am
What about haloumi? That can be fried and its oh so good

darlingmole, Oct 5, 7:09am
hey uli - no joke, but my 2nd son reckons deep fried mars bars (or moro bars) are wicked.I wouldn't know.But won't knock it until I try it :-p

vamps72, Oct 5, 7:16am
deep fried moro barsand mars bars been around for a fair few years now, never had one myself but my son has and he reckons they are yummy but deep fried cheesse and a 1kg worth yuk that is overkill

lil_miss_haley, Oct 5, 7:37am
I've tried a deep fried moro bar You can only have one bite because they are so sweet and sickly.

nfh1, Oct 5, 8:22am
one kilo that is a lot of cheese - do you take the statins before, during and after eating?

uli, Oct 12, 7:53am
Yep just found a recipe and a video for you valentino :)

Happy cooking!

nfh1, Oct 12, 7:58am
I suppose you would eat that with Diet Coke.

uli, Oct 12, 7:59am
Not sure - but in America they would probably ask:
"Would you like a coke with that sir?"

dragonzflame, Oct 13, 1:06am
Didn't a guy in Texas do deep fried beer?

bedazzledjewels, Oct 13, 1:31am
Or "could we supersize that for you?" Maybe a 2kg block of cheese!
Along with the new bacon and egg Krispy Kreme donut!

uli, Oct 13, 5:35am

I am not knocking it - just cannot believe what people eat ...

indigo1, Oct 13, 5:39am
damn it the thread is gone lol were people seriously doing that?

uli, Oct 13, 6:01am

huntlygirl, Oct 13, 6:09am
I love deep fried icecream, yummy.

elliehen, May 27, 10:46am
Don't be so rough on Americans ;)They are as diverse a people in their eating habits as New fact moreso, because the US is more of a melting pot of immigrants.