Lemons in wellington

taruawai, Apr 17, 8:31am
Does anyone have a lemon tree? ? I am wanting around 2kgs of lemons from a tree and am willing to pay for them! !

cookessentials, Apr 17, 9:41am
You could try the Sunday market there.

taruawai, Apr 18, 5:48am
I really want some from someones tree that has no wax on them! !

colin16, Apr 18, 8:04am
Ask in opinions.

beaumonde, Apr 20, 10:18am
bit of a shortage of nice lemons for weeks here, dreaming of the bay and thier delicious lemons

fpress, Apr 20, 10:25am
I'll have heaps in a few weeks! Providing I can strip my tree on my land before everybody else in my street does! lol. Had to forget making my lemon cordial this summer due to lack of lemons! !

brianmac, Apr 20, 8:38pm
our HUGE tree is loaded and they are ripening, but I will be using all mine

slaintewesties, Apr 21, 7:18am
the new fruit and veg shop at johnsonville has a large bin of fantastic large lemons for $1. 99 kilo

mike.nz, Apr 21, 7:37am
You could try the organic shop in Wellington if all else fails, theirs aren't waxed. You might have to go in a few times and wait till some stock arrives that hasn't already died of natural causes. When the lemons are just in they are very good, though.

duckmoon, Feb 20, 2:48pm
I think that the ones at the market beside Te Papa will be wax free.
But it isn't on this Sunday - ANZAC Day