Sweet Potato (Kumara?) dip or pesto

propagator, Jul 30, 2:33am
.I would appreciate a recipe for a dip or pesto using using sweet potato andeitherMediterranean or Eastern spices.I had some recently at the RSL in Maroochydore and other than the above ingredients the waitress couldn't tell me any more. It was quite sweet with a good 'kick'.

245sam, Jul 30, 3:33am
propagator, I've just had another thought - if you have a look at this link:


you'll see a picture of each of the dips and that may help you identify which, if any, of the dips there is most likely to be the one you enjoyed in Aus.:-))

propagator, Jul 30, 3:38am
Thankyou 245sam.That second recipe sounds good andand could be what I'm looking for.Masterfoods put out a Moroccan spice and I was wondering how that would go.
The dip was a deep orange colour, so maybe not that one after all.Will try it though.

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