How long do eggs last out of the fridge?

tweenie3, Apr 14, 1:14pm
I brought some eggs a month ago on the 18th. I wrote the date on the eggs.
Now lm just wondering, how long are they good for out of the fridge?
Or what could l do with them, l have at least 12 eggs left.

rainrain1, Apr 14, 7:45pm
Break each one into a cup as you go and make a bacon and egg pie. I never keep my eggs in the fridge

uli, Apr 14, 9:40pm
I also never keep eggs in the fridge - and mine last for about 2 to 3 months - turning them once a day though if I plan to keep them that long - otherwise the yolk will sink over the weeks and stick to the shell which can lead to contamination (through the porous shell) and then rot.

Just break each one into a glass as you use them and you will see if they are rotten or not.

Use in baking or scrambled eggs rather than a soft boiled egg.

barloo, Apr 14, 9:46pm
place egg/s in a flat container with cold water so they are well and truly covered.

FRESH eggs will lay flat on their side.

OLD eggs will stand on their end and float when off.

tweenie3, Apr 14, 10:28pm
Thanks for that, I didnt realise you lay them flat.
So l could do multiple at a time.

uli, Apr 14, 11:51pm
No you need not lay them "flat" - you need to change their position versus gravity every so often LOL :) which means just put them into a egg carton and turn them every day or every other day. They will be fine for months without refrigeration - I have done it for decades LOL :)

barloo, Apr 15, 4:22am
If I don't have a date on the eggs, thats how I check to see how fresh they are. Once checked, I store them or throw them out!, Apr 15, 4:30am
Wow I am impressed ppl are keeping eggs that long!

we go thru 40-60 a week here! they live on the bench also - I stopped refrigerating them about 2 years ago. But they don't last long enough to worry about them going off :o)

doobadoba, Apr 15, 4:33am
i am interested if people keep their eggs in or out of the fridge and what the benefits are for each way?

babysister, Feb 2, 11:01am
Mine are out of the fridge because I want room temperature eggs when I do baking.

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