Slow Cooker cooking times question

rebecca18, Aug 1, 12:26am
I have a recipe for cooking pork chops in a slow cooker, the recipe instructs to cook it on low for 6 - 8 hours, I don't have quite that long and wonder if I could cook it on high for shorter period, I would really appreciate advice from experienced slow cooker cooks. Many thanks.

jag5, Aug 1, 12:35am
If you put them on now they will be fine.

rebecca18, Aug 1, 12:39am
Do you mean fine on low or fine on high!

245sam, Aug 1, 12:42am
rebecca18, I have just checked in one of Joan Bishop's books and for the recipe for Sherried Pork Chops she gives two alternatives re times and power levels:Low/Auto for 6-8 hours or High 3-4 hours.

Hope that helps.:-))

rebecca18, Aug 1, 12:42am
I should have added that they will need to be ready by 5:30 PM.

245sam, Aug 1, 12:44am
Based on my posting at #4, you've got time to get the chops cooked if you get them on soon rebecca18.:-))

rebecca18, Aug 1, 12:51am
Thanks so much jag5 and 245sam, I shall organise them now : ^)

cookessentials, Aug 1, 1:20am
High definately. i have seen various posts by people using the low button only to find the meat is still tough. High, even for 6-8 hours would be ok

nauru, Aug 1, 3:07am
Yes I agree, I use Joan Bishop recipes.If short on time I use high for half of the low time stated in a recipe and have had no problems so far, never any tough meat.

guest, Mar 20, 7:53pm
WOW. This is freaking AMAZING. I'm becimong a big fan of tripe after eating some in tacos not so long ago, but this, this looks like a project.And now that I've found an awesome butcher, I could, in theory, make this. Seeing how good it looks, I may have to.

guest, Mar 22, 10:21am
Julieruns It's safe to leave the new ones cooking all day, thoguh I leave mine on a trivet just in case. The reason the new ones are hotter have to do with meat safety rules, but unfortunately it effects all of us.Kathy Have you tried soups or chilies? They are the easiest to leave cooking all day. Sometimes my dinner will cook as much as 10 hours before we finally get a chance to sit down and eat. If you are doing stews, start with an extra cup of water/liquid and see if that helps. Another way is to try a few recipes over the weekend while you're home, then you have a few you know that you can leave on all day without worries.Boomerwiz Were you trying to saute the onion in the slow cooker? I find that doesn't work well for me, so I cook mine on the stove, then add it to the slow cooker after they are cooked.Happy slow cooking everyone!

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